photo: Facebook/KanyeWestOrg

Kanye West is being sued by a disgruntled fan and it’s all over some misinformation the rapper gave out. Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo album was reported to be available solely on the streaming service Tidal. “You can only get it on Tidal,” the rapper quoted.

The fan, Justin Baker-Rhett claims that contrary to West’s claims, the album wasn’t exclusive to Tidal and could actually be bought on many other streaming services including iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora. It was available on Tidal as well and started streaming on February 14. However, it was soon pulled and fans then went on to illegally download it more than 500,000 times. Some claimed that they had paid Tidal upwards of $20.00 for the anticipated album only to not get access to it.

Baker-Rhett states that he signed up with Tidal for the sole purpose of gaining access to West’s The Life of Pablo legally after Wesy’s claims on Twitter, but was understandably frustrated to find that he had been misled and that the album was available to purchase from numerous streaming services.

The Life of Pablo is West’s seventh studio album and has received mixed reviewes. Rolling Stone magazine called it “messy” and suggested that the album was purposely made to sound that way. It’s a stark contrast to West’s previous album, Yeezus, and it’s been getting afar more attention for the claim that it would be available exclusively on Tidal than for the creativity of the album itself.

As of this writing, neither Kanye West nor his spokespeople have commented on the potential lawsuit.