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Today is June 8, Kanye West’s birthday! The superstar rapper turns 39 today, so lets take a look at the highs and lows of his life so far. Especially his music career and the journey that made Kanye West’s net worth tower at $66.0 million.

If your still wondering, “How rich is Kanye West?” you can find your answer below. And, you will also come across all the interesting things that happened in the 39 years of Kanye’s life!

How Rich Is Kanye West?

Kanye West Net Worth Breakdown
Earnings from Concerts$104.8 million
Music sales$40.8 million
Money from Endorsement deals and contracts$50.0 million
YouTube money$9.3 million
Estimated annual salary$16.7 million
Kanye West Net Worth (2016)$66.7 million

Music Sales, Concerts, & Tours

The world knows Kanye West as a rapper and a hip hop artist, but some of us confuse him for being just a flagrant entrepreneur and a controversial celebrity. If you look back at the last five years of his life, you will remember having all the Kanye West songs as your favorites. No matter how the life of this rapper changes, he will always be known as a top-selling artist and musician. If it weren’t for those earnings from music sales, Kanye West’s net worth would not have come even close to where it is today. Starting off in 2004 with The College Dropout album, West proved his value as an up-and-coming rapper in the hip hop industry.

Kanye Music Sales

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Kanye West’s net worth of $66.0 million finds its roots way back in 2006, when he had delivered a couple of successful albums. After the release of Graduation in 2007, Kanye West’s net worth took the biggest leap and made him over $10.0 million in just a year. After winning over a dozen Grammy awards for Graduation, Kanye become an international music sensation. Kanye West’s songs were being played on radio stations across the world, giving his wealth one of the biggest boosts to date. Earnings from record album sales of all the Kanye West albums, including Late Registration (2005), 808s & Heartbreak (2008), and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010), made him more than $20.0 million.

In spite of the debacle of Kanye West’s albums like Watch the Throne (2011), Yeezus (2013), and The Life of Pablo (2013), the Chicago rapper had made almost half of his current net worth through music sales. On top of that, more money kept pouring in when people began paying to listen to Kanye West’s songs live. By far, Kanye West has earned over $104.8 million from revenues generated through concerts and tours, like the Glow in the Dark Tour (2008), the Watch the Throne Tour (2011), and the Yeezus Tour (2013). Even though his massive Fame Kills tour, with pop star Lady Gaga, got canceled in 2009, Kanye West made over $40.0 million from the Yeezus Tour, making it the most successful tour of his career.

Endorsements, YouTube, & Clothing Line

Listening to what Kanye West quotes in his rap verses shows us how sophisticated and wise he is. That’s why he is known as one of the most determined Hollywood celebrities of all time. Kanye West makes it to the top of those select few rich and famous rappers who like to make listeners aware of issues. People don’t go on YouTube just to listen to Kanye West’s songs, they do it to see how and what he’s trying to tell through them. It is out there that the rapper has lost his cool at times, but that has not broken down the Kanye West brand to nothing. As of today, the Kanye West brand is worth way more than the rapper’s combined wealth.

Kanye West Net Worth

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Even though it’s widely criticized, Kanye West’s clothing line and fashion brand, Yeezus, is still one of the most-talked about brands of 2016. The amazing promotion of Kanye West’s clothing line proves the rapper’s entrepreneurial skills and shows the global support for any of his creations. As of now, there is no exact input on how much money Yeezus made for him, but we all are aware of Kanye West’s debts over it. The most controversial Kanye West Twitter rant of the year claimed that the “Good Life” hit maker owes $53.0 million in debt.

Thanks to YouTube, the guy can take a breather! Kanye West’s debt can be comforted with his fans, as they keep watching his videos over and over and make him a good amount of money. By January of this year, Kanye West’s VEVO channel on YouTube had over 1.4 billion views, making him $10.0 million in earnings from the net revenue.

Kanye West’s endorsements themselves pull in a lot of money that make the rapper’s pockets real deep. Top brands making lucrative deals for musicians isn’t news to us, but it is news when we see the figures on them. Kanye West’s endorsement deals with Nike, Pepsi, Adidas, Boost Mobile, and Luis Vuitton have made him well over $50.0 million with an average endorsement income of $5.0 million per assignment.

Net WorthKanye West vs. Kim Kardashian


Kanye West vs Kim Kardashian

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Here’s a look at the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian net worth when compared and combined:

EarningsKanye West Kim Kardashian
Music sales (Kanye) and TV appearance (Kim)$40.0 million$38.0 million
Endorsements$50.0 million$56.0 million
Total Earnings$218.3 million$218.9 million
Estimated annual salary$16.7 million$38.6 million
Estimated net worth (2016)$66.0 million$148.5 million
Kanye West’s debt$53.0 million
What Kim Kardashian made through past divorce settlements$13.0 million
Combined net worth of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian$200.0 million +

Lets not get into more details about Kanye West’s net worth at the moment as it is time to celebrate the rapper’s success story on his 39th birthday. And, listen to his hits on the occasion of Kanye West’s birthday. Happy birthday, Kanye!