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Dallas residents had to bid farewell to one of their favorite meteorologists during WFAA’s Wednesday broadcast. Kalee Dionne had announced she is leaving the ABC affiliate at the end of 2021. And she has now wrapped her last day on air. Regular viewers have a lot of questions about the weatherwoman’s departure from the station. Most of the queries involve where she is going and why she is leaving. Here’s what Kalee Dionne said about leaving WFAA.

Kalee Dionne Steps Back from Broadcast

After studying musical theater at Lincoln College, Kalee Dionne earned her BA in radio and television from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale in 2007 and a degree in broadcast meteorology from Mississippi State University in 2011. She has anchored weather broadcasts at stations in Illinois, Alabama, Missouri, and Indiana.

Dionne, with her husband Jonathan and their adopted daughter, moved to Dallas, Texas, in 2019. She has been part of the WFAA weather team, doing digital and television forecasts, since then.

In only two years, Dionne and her family have built a special presence within the Dallas community. That’s why WFAA viewers were shocked when she announced she will be leaving the station at the end of this year.

The meteorologist posted an initial statement on her official social media pages in September 2021. Dionne stated that she is stepping back not only from WFAA, but also from TV news. Her last day on air was on December 15.

Dionne decided to leave broadcast news and the hectic schedules behind after 15 years in the industry. She made the decision so she can spend more time with her husband and daughter.

Her fans can take comfort knowing that Dionne is not leaving Dallas. The wish her well and hope they can run into their favorite local celebrity at Dallas events.

Dionne hasn’t stated where she is going is next yet. Back in September, and again after her last day on the job in December, she hinted that she has a new job or project lined up.

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Kalee Dionne has stated she will reveal what her upcoming project is the next day after wrapping up her final day at WFAA. Keep a keen eye on her social media pages to find out what that is.