Big Brother 20 Houseguest Kaitlyn Herman Facts (Photo: Instagram/kaitlyn_herman)

About Kaitlyn Sara Herman
Age30 Years
BirthApril 24, 1994 Plainview, New York
AddressEncino, California
CountryUnited States
JobLife Coach
TV ShowBig Brother 20
Instagram Profilekaitlyn_herman

Kaitlyn Herman is sparking a lot of attention while participating in the reality TV show Big Brother 20, and she is gunning for the top prize of $500,000. She is confident that her strategy will work out and she will be this season’s BB winner. However, she has already made a few mistakes, like using the “n***a” word while rapping the words to a Drake song.

But Herman insists she is a bringer of “good energy” and though she likely meant nothing by the insensitive lyric, fans are cringing at her faux pas. We know she’s a life coach who likes to help others deal with their problems, but will this help her game in the Big Brother house? 

Big Brother 20 is being aired on CBS, and people are already picking their favorites to win the top prize of $500,000. Some of them are backing Kaitlyn Herman, and from the looks of it so far, it sure looks like they’ve made a good choice. People are curious to know more about Kaitlyn Herman from Big Brother 20, so here are a few facts about her.

Her full name is Kaitlyn Sara Herman, and she is originally from Plainview, New York. Born on April 24, 1994, Kaitlyn Herman’s age is 24 and she is currently a life coach, working and living in Encino, California.

Herman Has Her Strategy Worked Out

Herman has been pretty clear about how she’s going to handle the other housemates on the show, hoping to calm everyone and draw them in with her “positive energy.”

When asked about her strategy to survive in the house, Herman said, “I’m going to use my intuition, my sensitivity to energy, and my messages from my guides to help me direct which way to move throughout the house. I plan to be that person that creates a sense of calm in the house, instead of bad energy.”

Being in a New Home is Tough

Herman admits that the toughest part of living in the Big Brother guesthouse is being away from her beloved yoga mats and crystals. She also misses her books, journals, and essential oils that she regularly uses. (Not to mention, her regular use of “sage burning” to dispel bad energy around her.)

She feels that it is particularly hard for her to stay away from the self-care she gives herself while staying in the guesthouse. But she won’t cry because she knew what she was getting into when she signed up for this.

There Is a Man in Her Life

Kaitlyn Herman Boyfriend

Kaitlyn Herman With Her Boyfriend Joe (Photo: Instagram/kaitlyn_herman)

Another thing that Herman is missing but is not admitting is undoubtedly her boyfriend, Joe. According to reports Herman is not married but is currently dating a man named Joe. Unfortunately, nothing more is known about him at this time.

People are curious to know what kind of person Herman is in real life. Herman says that she is personable, intuitive, and dramatic. Whenever she has some spare time, she spends it taking Pure Barre classes, meditating, and happily watching numerous reality television series.

Herman Dropped the “N” Word …Sorta. 

Herman created a scandal earlier in the show when she used the word “n***a” live on camera, despite a warning from CBS.

On July 5, 2018, Herman was in a conversation with two other contestants and making references to a song by Drake when she said: “I did go zero to 100 n***a, real quick.” She then realized that she had used a prohibited word and added “Oops!”

However, it would have only been shown on the online live feed, as per CBS restrictions with profanity on cable TV.

Learning Life Lessons Doesn’t Come Cheap

Since people know that Herman is a life coach, they want to know how much she charges for her coaching. She has indicated on her website that her private coaching may cost anything between $2,700 and $11,000, depending on which program is chosen. She has many options from which the client can choose the one he or she wants.

One can do life coaching with Herman for three, five, or 12 months, and the fees will vary accordingly. One needs to fill out an application which means that he or she might not be chosen for her class.

Right now, Herman has put her life coaching gig on the back burner because she is busy with Big Brother 20, but that’s not stopping her from using her skills in the competition!

From the looks of it, Herman is doing a great job at Big Brother 20. She has already become the second Head of Household (HoH) of the season and nominated two contestants for eviction.

Herman’s an Outgoing & Lively Person

Kaitlyn Herman in Bikini

Kaitlyn Herman at Malibu Beach (Photo: Instagram/kaitlyn_herman)

Those of you who want to check out some stylish pics of Herman should head over to her Instagram account. Kaitlyn Herman’s Instagram account is full of pictures of her solo, dressed in sexy clothes, with her friends, with her boyfriend Joe, outdoors, and she also loves to share pics of her cosmetics.

There are also pics of Buddha and some inspirational quotes.

Kaitlyn Herman Is a Contender!

Her Instagram also boasts pictures of Herman at the beach and of her dog, as well. Right now, Herman is busy battling her competitors in Big Brother 20 and trying to stay in the competition.

With her spunk and positive attitude, she is already one of the more popular contestants on the show. Can Herman win the competition with her good aura and pocket the $500,000? Or will the energy shift to the negative side before that? Only time will tell!

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