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Is K. Michelle’s new album 2017 ready? The girl is good but not that good—she just put out her latest album, More Issues Than Vogue, in March of last year! Fans looking for K. Michelle’s new songs for 2017 may have to wait a while for the hit Memphis singer to deliver another heartfelt album.

Don’t worry, there’s still some news to go around. Even though K. Michelle’s upcoming album isn’t 2017 ready right now, that doesn’t mean she isn’t working on something to surprise fans with later.

More Issues Than Vogue

The “Ain’t You” singer released her third LP, More Issues Than Vogue, last year and tried something new with her sound. The “Can’t Raise a Man” singer incorporated a mixture of ballads and country into her music, showing her fans that she can sing whatever she wants.

“I want to be able to sing what I want,” the My Life star said. “If I want to be able to sing country, I want to be able to show that. I want to be able to sing ballads that touch the world and not just one demographic. I’m just not going to be told that because I’m black, I have to do this anymore.”

Did K. Michelle Shade Beyoncé?

After the world stopped spinning over Beyoncé’s surprise twin pregnancy, other stars and fans didn’t hesitate to share their well wishes with Queen Bey, but K. Michelle’s Instagram message left more than some of her followers confused.

“Yesss! The season on the multiples! I can wait to hit this doctor next month!!!!! Congrats,” she captioned a photo. “I know it’s an awesome feeling *i said can’t wait to see the doctor next month, not i’m pregnant. Not yet guys, I need to see a doctor 1st right. Slow down gym shoes*”

K. Michelle is a fan of Beyoncé and even applauded her latest hit album, Lemonade. But some of her fans weren’t sure if K. Michelle was being petty or just misunderstood towards Queen Bey, since her message was mostly about herself and not Beyoncé. K. Michelle has been very public about her desire to find love and have a family—twins, to be exact! Many of K. Michelle’s fans came to her defence saying that she needed to word her post better, while others just wanted to make a story out of nothing, adding fuel to the fire. All these rivalries are because someone didn’t word something properly, creating feuds out of thin air.

Is K. Michelle Engaged?

Is the Memphis singer that much closer to getting her dream life? The My Life star has reportedly found the man of her dreams in Dr. Kastam Sims, a dentist in Memphis, but did she just out her own engagement? The young singer took to Instagram, where she posted a picture of herself staring at the mirror. She captioned the photo, “When your fiancé catches you playing in the mirror.” No, that’s not a typo—you read fiancé! Looks like K. Michelle is winning 2017 and may just catch up to Beyoncé after all. Can we expect a surprise announcement from K. Michelle in the not-so-distant future?

When your fiancé catches you playing in the mirror????

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Fans may not get any of K. Michelle’s new songs or K. Michelle’s new album, but it looks like the singer could be preoccupied with bigger things at the moment; like working on her wedding album!