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Who says you have to be retired to play golf? Certainly not pop star, Justin Timberlake, who nearly aced a hole- in-one at the celebrity Pebble Beach Pro-Am Golf Tournament over the weekend! You wouldn’t think that that Justin Timberlake and Pro Am Golf would go together, but it turns out that they do! Justin Timberlake shocked many with his incredible golf skills, and no one looked like they had more fun doing it than he did.

Pro-Am 2017: Prose Partners with Timberlake

Are two Justin’s better than one? Apparently, when it comes to Prose and Timberlake, the answer is yes! Partners Justin Timberlake and Justin P. Rose had a great game on Saturday and the two seemed to have made quite the impression on each other! It’s hard to imagine Timberlake adulting to the point where he’s spending dad-life on the golf course, but here we are. The 36-year-old has come a long way from the classic Ramen noodle hair hairstyle and matching denim outfits! But who knew the heartthrob had such mad skills on the golf course? Prose and Timberlake both took to their Instagram accounts during the tournament to showcase their A-games!

Justin Rose & Justin Timberlake

Instagram/Justin Timberlake

 Justin Timberlake’s Instagram

Both Justins bonded so well that Timberlake even took a selfie with his golf partner, Rose. The young singer took to Instagram captioning the post, “What a day hanging with my boy, @justinprose99 and seeing what the pros see on a Sunday at Pebble Beach! Made the cut!!!! So fun.”

Justin P. Rose’s Instagram also recorded the pair’s time on the green with a photo captioned “JT pro tracer! Beautiful 2 on number 7 today.” Timberlake may not have gotten a hole-in-one (it was damn close!), but at least he made a new friend and managed to practice his swing for next time!

Justin Prose & Justin Timberlake

Instagram/Justin Prose

Timberlake may not be Tiger Woods anytime soon but even Rose, a 2103 U.S. Open winner, had nothing but praises for the “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” singer.

“This guy brought his A-game today, boys,” said Rose.