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It looks like the New York Yankees tried to steal first base with Justin Bour, but it may not have gone so well. Fans have also been curiously asking: Is Justin Bour gay? To find out about the first baseman’s personal and professional life, get what you need with our Justin Bour wiki.

Where is Justin Bour From?

Justin James Bour was born on May 28,1988 in Washington, D.C. Before his father passed away, he worked as a secret service agent and protected the lives of former presidents such as George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Justin Bour’s high school was Westfield High School in Washington, D.C. and he attended George Mason College.

Justin Bour’s Family

Surprisingly, no one has done a full story on Justin’s family, but we have a bit of information that will help put together his family tree. Aside from the information on his father, there’s no information on his mother. Justin has an older sister named Jenna Bour-Clay and she has two daughters with her husband. He also has a brother named Jason, who is married. As for Justin Bour’s tattoo—it doesn’t exist and we’re not sure how this rumor started, but he’s not gay, either. He was suspected of dating sports broadcaster Hayley Milon, but they appear to be broken up. Justin also has a dog named Auggie.

Is Justin Bour Being Traded?

According to Miami Herald reporter Barry Jackson, the New York Yankees recently pursued a potential trade for the first baseman. But according to Jackson, the Miami Marlins aren’t going to part ways with a player who’s both affordable and an asset. Bour is 6’4″, 279 lbs, bats left and throws right. He’s also “under team control until 2020,” according to Jackson. The baseman also happens to have three years experience and Justin Bour’s net worth may get an increase if he gets traded, but for now his salary is estimated at $552,500 a year. Bour is now in his fourth season and is currently making his way back from an injury-filled 2016 season. After he sprained his right ankle, he was forced to miss a total of 65. He also bruised his left ankle last month with minimal time on the disabled list. This isn’t the first time the New York Yankees have approached Bour and their infield options are getting harder to find.

Justin Bour’s Instagram

If you are looking for some insight into what Bour’s life is like on and off the field, then head over to his Instagram account (bour41). He has posts of his beloved dog, his family, and of course, baseball. There’s even a picture of him as a child shaking former President Bill Clinton’s hand! Looks like having a dad in the secret service had its perks! Bour has 26k followers and that number could be expected to grow as the season progresses.

For now, Bour is staying with the Miami Marlins and we don’t expect him to switch his number to a different jersey anytime soon. At least until after 2020.