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Justin Bieber is a singer, songwriter, and record producer with an estimated $200 million net worth.

Bieber is considered one of the biggest pop stars of this decade. After releasing an enormously successful debut album at the age of 16, the young Canadian went on to sweep the entire world off its feet with his charming looks and hit singles.

Forbes magazine listed Justin Bieber as one of the 10 most powerful celebrities in the world in the years 2011, 2012, and 2013. By the time he turned 21, Justin had already become a favorite of the paparazzi, which took a toll on him. After getting in and out of legal turmoil since 2012, Bieber has still managed to see his net worth rising. The world has recently seen a side of him where he’s finally coming to terms with his stardom, and he’s now set to better the “Justin Bieber” brand for his fans.

Music Career and Debut Album Success

Bieber was first discovered by talent hunter Scooter Braun in 2007. Braun was a marketing executive at So So Def Recordings and had clicked on one of Justin Bieber’s uploaded videos on YouTube. Braun liked what he saw and went out to meet the then-13-year-old Bieber in Canada. Due to religious differences, Justin’s parents reportedly were, at first, reluctant to let their son accompany Braun, but they gave it a shot and within a week, Bieber sang in front of well-known R&B singer Usher Raymond.

Usher won the bid for Bieber against Justin Timberlake, who was also trying to close in on the young star. Bieber was quickly signed to Usher and Braun’s joint music label, Raymond Braun Media Group (better known as RBMG), and made Braun his manager by 2008. His first single “One Time” peaked at number 17 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart in 2009. Bieber’s first full-length album was released that same year and was titled My World. It had singles like “One Less Lonely Girl,” “Love Me,” and “Favorite Girl” that charted in top 40 slots on Billboard.

Since his humble beginnings, Bieber has sold more than 18 million albums and about 49 million singles that raked in an estimated $300 million in revenue. This is believed to have earned Bieber about $13 million. Since his debut album, the star has released hit singles from several more studio albums, including My World 2.0 (2010), Under the Mistletoe (2011), Believe (2012), and Purpose (2015).

Concerts, Tours, and YouTube Payout

Record sales have contributed to only 10% of Bieber net worth; it’s his live shows and tournament sales that have earned Justin over $223 million. Bieber reportedly earns 85% of his income from concert sales, and his Believe Tour in 2012 raked in over $209 million worldwide, putting his net worth close to the $145 million benchmark.

Bieber is considered to be one of the most successful talents unearthed from YouTube. The video-sharing web site is where it all started and served as the main launch pad for Bieber’s career, since that’s where it got him in touch with Scooter Braun. Bieber’s VEVO channel on YouTube has over 8 billion views so far. Justin and his YouTube crew earn around $7.50 for every thousand views, making $68 million in revenue. Justin’s cut from that revenue have made him over $58 million. Not a bad income to inspire up-and-coming YouTube stars.

Merchandise, Endorsements, and Social Work

Sales of Bieber merchandise, like hats, t-shirts, charm bracelets, other gear, and his Someday line of fragrances have earned an estimated $45 million. Bieber has a giant fan following dubbed the “Beliebers.” This has helped to grow his merchandise sales exponentially, as his fans have been known to spend above and beyond for anything that his face or autograph on it.

The second biggest cut of Justin Bieber’s net worth comes from endorsements and sponsorships. Bieber has bagged a total of $80 million from endorsing brands like Calvin Klein, Adidas, Best Buy, Proactiv, and Macy’s. These deals easily add $10 million to the star’s net worth every year. And this leads to Bieber’s lucrative investments of $24 million over the course of his career. He has reportedly invested in several application technology startups like Shots, SoJo Studios, Spotify, and Stamped. These investments contribute around $26.5 million in return to his net worth. All this leaves Bieber by his likely paying 44.6% to taxes. With his total earnings crossing $423 million till now, Bieber has laid off $188 million back to government dues.

Bieber is also giving back to the community by supporting Pencils of Promise, a charity founded by Scooter Braun’s younger brother Adam. Justin has also appeared in ads for the charity’s “Schools4All” campaign, has taken part in their fundraising galas, and made big donations to the charity from his concert proceeds. Furthermore, Justin Bieber is a happy proponent of animal welfare group PETA and encourages his followers to bring home strays and adopt pets from animal shelters.

Annual Breakdown of Justin Bieber Net Worth

Year Album Releases and Tours Just Bieber’s Net Worth
2009 My World (EP) $10,042,026
2010 My World (Album) $40,479,293
My World (Tour)
2011 Under The Mistletoe (Album) $52,013,369
Never Say Never (Album)
2012 Believe (Album) $135,916,636
Believe (Tour)
2013 $149,890,456
2014 $164,328,766
2015 Purpose (Album) $180,126,117
2016 Purpose (Tour) $195,182,871

Bieber’s Cribs and Cars

Bieber has splurged over $20 million on his homes across the U.S. and Canada. He previously bought a $6 million gated estate in Calabasas, California and a $10.8 million mansion in Los Angeles that had five bedrooms, eight baths and covers 9,385 square feet with spectacular views of Lake Hollywood. Designed by Jeffrey and Rochelle Mills of Mills Studio, the stunning villa featured larger-than-life decor in the living rooms, high ceilings throughout, a floating dining room, a state-of-the-art gourmet kitchen, a private movie theater, a bar, a spa in the master suite, his own private gym, and a stunning pool enclosed in gardens on the open sky terrace.

In February 2015, Bieber moved into a five-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion in Beverly Hills, which he was reportedly renting for about $35,000 a month. In addition to boasting incredible views of the city, the 6,000-square-foot home also has a fully lit pool and art covering the walls.

In 2013, Bieber has also bought an $850,000 home in Ontario, Canada for his father Jeremy, his half-sister Jazmyn, and his three-year-old half-brother Jaxson.

In addition to real estate, Bieber also dishes out on his luxurious automobile collection, which has included a Cadillac CTS-V (aka Justin’s “Batmobile”), a grey smart car, a Fisker Karma, a matte black Range Rover, a 997 Porche Turbo, a matte black Ferrari, a white Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari 458 Italia, an Audi R8 specially designed by West Coast Customs, his Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, and a Ducati MV Augusta (a.k.a. his “Bat Bike”).

While all that might sound like way too much for anyone in his early 20s, remember this is Justin Bieber we’re talking about. And he’s still on top—his recent comeback in the global music industry is sure to add millions more to Bieber’s already staggering net worth.

Probably suspecting that only he could beat himself, Justin has done just that by replacing his 2015 chart-topping single “Sorry” with another hit, “Love Yourself,” in the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. These singles from the album Purpose have beat out strong favorites like Adele and The Weeknd.

Like we said before, Bieber’s showing no signs of slowing down. He’ll be kicking off his next big project—the Purpose world tour—on March 9 in Seattle.