With an estimated net worth of $200 million, pop star Justin Bieber turns 22 today and is likely to add much more to his wealth in 2016.

Justin Bieber is unabashedly one of the most popular young talents of this decade, and there’s no doubt that he will continue ruling the entertainment business. Being a popular superstar at such a young age and having over $200 million in net worth by the time you turn 22 sounds like a dream too good to be true. But Bieber is a living example, having achieved almost a quarter of a billion dollars before his 22nd birthday. With millions of dollars worth of revenue earned from the sales of record albums and singles, Justin Bieber has made his entry into the history of best-selling music, becoming one of the most popular artists of all time. While it may be too soon to pen this, some people are suggesting that Justin’s life earnings resemble a lot of what “King of Pop” Michael Jackson made from a successful singing career at a relatively young age. Ever wonder how rich is Justin Bieber, really? Well, you can read all about his precise net worth in our Just Bieber net worth article, linked below.

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While all the main elements of Justin Bieber’s 2016 net worth are covered in the link above, here are some more facts that have added or will add those extra millions to his wealth in 2016. As a recap, Justin’s 3D concert film, Never Say Never (2011), was a successful movie based on its box office run. The movie was made with a $13 million budget, but was able to grab $100 million in worldwide box office collections. When you do the math, you know it’s a blockbuster if it pays out ten times the money spent. Another quick addition to Justin’s rise to a $200 million empire is his unthinkable profits from selling fragrances. That’s right, Justin Bieber manage to earn huge profits from the sale of his signature fragrance Someday, which was presumably bought by almost every “Belieber” in the world.

To add great odds to such a wealthy portfolio, Justin Bieber has overall won over 130 awards from more than 250 nominations worldwide. The Canadian singer has definitely proven why he deserves his $200 million net worth.

Annual Breakdown of Justin Bieber Net Worth

YearAlbum Releases and ToursJustin Bieber’s Net Worth
2009My World (EP)$10,042,026
2010My World (Album)$40,479,293
My World (Tour)
2011Under The Mistletoe (Album)$52,013,369
Never Say Never (Album)
2012Believe (Album)$135,916,636
Believe (Tour)
2015Purpose (Album)$180,126,117
2016Purpose (Tour)$195,182,871

This year, as Justin Bieber turns 22, his net worth is also likely to get at least an additional $20 million, making the Bieber net worth figure akin to his current age: $220 million. Justin is getting the expected $20 million through earnings from his upcoming (not to mention massive) 
Purpose World Tour. The tour kicks off on March 9 in Seattle and will travel across all major cities in the U.S., as well as most of Europe. It’s also likely that we will see Justin Bieber’s net worth rise even further with some new projects later this year. If you’re a “Belieber,” be sure to catch Bieber’s amazing live performance, as his 2016 world tour will probably be hitting a city near you.

Photo: Instagram/justinbieber

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