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Justin Bieber is rarely seen without a beautiful girl with him. Bieber’s long list of ex-flames includes singer Selena Gomez and model Sofia Richie. The question on everybody’s lips is “Who is Justin Bieber’s girlfriend right now?”

It’s virtually impossible to keep track of Justin Bieber’s dating timeline. That’s because every time you look up Bieber is dating a brand new girl. While all this is fodder for the tabloids and social media which keep track of Bieber’s every move, people are confused about who is Justin Bieber’s girlfriend. People want to know “Who is Justin Bieber dating right now?” Bieber has been spotted with several beautiful girls of late, so it is difficult to find out who is Justin Bieber’s girlfriend in 2017. Right now Bieber’s life is full of money and babes which is not surprising since Justin Bieber’s net worth is currently $245.0 million and counting. We will bring you details of Justin Bieber’s dating timeline right here.

First Cut Is the Deepest

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Bieber’s first known romance with fellow singer Selena Gomez is probably his most famous one. The two have had an on-again-off-again relationship right from 2011 to 2014 after which they reportedly split for good. However, many fans question this and wonder if their relationship has ever ended. The reason for the split was given as their demanding schedules made it impossible for them to carry on the relationship. Still, the two seem to be unable to move on and according to a source “They have a rocky relationship. They were very in love at one point and went through a lot, and so some feelings just don’t go away. Justin’s made a lot of mistakes, but he’s matured and grown up.”

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The Beautiful Ladies in Bieber’s Life

Since then Bieber has been seen with a bevy of beauties in clubs, concerts, parties, red carpet events, award ceremonies and even on his vacations. Some of these beautiful girls got to be intimate with Bieber and sparks flew. Like in the case of Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin, supermodel Adriana Lima [12 years his senior], catwalk queen Miranda Kerr, model Chantel Jeffries, model Hailey Baldwin and Lionel Richie’s daughter Sofia Richie. What’s with Bieber and models? Bieber seems to be unable to resist them and vice versa!

Selena Gomez Takes On Bieber

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Bieber was going great guns with Richie, but his fans got in the way. They posted negative comments about Richie and Bieber was livid. To express his anger, Bieber withdrew his Instagram account much to the dismay of millions of his fans. That’s when Gomez jumped into the fray posting that Bieber should not do things that upset his fans like posting pictures of his girlfriend. Ouch! Is that jealousy we smell? Anyway, matters came to a head and Gomez, and Bieber started a social media war which kept everyone entertained.

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Bieber Confesses He is Single

Just when we thought that the Gomez saga was over, we heard rumors that Bieber is back with Gomez! That made Richie very upset, and she posted that she would rather spend her Valentine’s Day with her pet dog. Poor girl! But the final word on this matter might be from Bieber himself. On his 26th appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Bieber opened up about his love life and was candid about it. When asked who was he dating, Bieber replied confidently “I am not dating anybody. Single. I’m not really looking, either.” Bieber also clarified that he was not using dating Apps like Tinder.

It Gets Lonely On the Tour

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So, girls, the good news is that Bieber is single right now. Bieber is busy with his Purpose World Tour 2017 and life on the road does get lonely. Bieber admits “That’s probably the hardest thing, just being alone all the time. I’m always alone…I bring my dog, Esther.” Anybody who wants to join Bieber’s long list of love interests should apply right now. It’s a great time to be young, happy and hang out with Bieber!