Justin Bieber has a new sidekick and he’s a heartbreaker. The “Love Yourself” hitmaker posted photos and snippets of him playing with his adorable new puppy at his home. Bieber posted pictures of the cute canine, a Labrador puppy with its silky soft black pelt, who the singer named Philip.

The 22-year-old shared the first look of Phil on Instagram, where they puppy is seen sitting on the floor with Bieber’s hand petting him. Bieber captioned this moment, “New addition to the family his name is Phil [sic].  

Philips eyes


The pop star followed this picture up with a short clip, where Phil is seen getting along with Esther, Bieber’s other puppy. The clip shows Esther, a Yorkshire terrier, on the sofa looking down at this strange new face (Phil). Bieber simply captioned this post, “Esther and Phil.”

Esther and Phil

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Bieber then shared a few more pictures of Phil, one where is walking towards him while lying on the floor and another showing Phil’s eyes sparkling from a camera flash, along with the caption, “Look at Philips eyes [sic].” The last picture pop singer shared was of him caressing Esther with Phil sitting comfortably in front of him. The caption reads, “Can’t make Esther too jealous [sic].”


Almost all of the pictures have already crossed over a million likes within the first few hours they were posted. These days, it’s nice to see a far more generous, kind, and playful side of Justin Bieber, especially after the media sensationalized his rambunctious lifestyle. Over the past little while, he’s been sharing a lot about his “not-so-crazy” life, like earlier this week when he shared pictures of him enjoying a game of ball hockey in the backyard.

Photos: Instagram/justinbieber


Video: Instagram/justinbieber

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