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The New England Patriots will take on the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI, on February 5. It is the most anticipated game of the NFL season and fans are already getting ready for the big day. The Patriots will be counting on players like Julian Edelman for the victory, and as the big game inches closer, many are interested in learning more about the famous wide receiver.

Julian Edelman has been playing for the New England Patriots since 2009, holding the team’s longest record for punt returns and most punts returned for touchdowns. To make things even better, the 30-year-old is the rumored new boyfriend of Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana Lima. It looks like Tom Brady’s teammate may be following his footsteps by dating a gorgeous supermodel! The Patriots also extended the wide receiver’s contract, further adding to his wealth.

If you’re wondering how rich Julian Edelman is, he has amassed a net worth of $9.0 million in his career! Find out more about his wealth in Julian Edelman’s net worth right here.

How Rich is Julian Edelman?

Since his NFL debut in 2009, Edelman has earned a net worth estimated to be around $9.0 million. Some sources claim it is higher, since he re-signed a $17.0 million contract extension with the Patriots, after being a free agent for a brief period in 2014.

Compared to quarterback Tom Brady’s $131.0 million, Edelman’s net worth doesn’t seem like much. Brady ranks among the highest-earning NFL players and has almost a decade’s more experience than Edelman, so it makes sense that his net worth is significantly higher. Edelman’s opposing wide receiver, Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons, has an annual salary of $1.8 million with a net worth of $25.0 million.

NFL players are paid lower than MLB or NBA players. While the average NFL player makes around $1.9 million a year, an MLB player may make $3.2 million, and an NBA player more than $5.0 million. Edelman’s teammate, Rob Gronkowski, claims he hasn’t spent a dime of the $16.3 million he has amassed during his career. Edelman’s fellow receiver, Patriots’ Danny Amendola has a net worth of $13.0 million. The following table compares Edelman’s net worth to other notable NFL players:

Julian Edelman’s Net Worth $9.0 million
Tom Brady $131.0 million (14 times smaller)
Rob Gronkowski $16.0 million (1.7 times smaller)
Aldon Smith $10.0 million (almost equal)
Cam Newton $45.0 million (5 times smaller)
Julio Jones $25.0 million (2.7 times smaller)
Joe Flacco $65.0 million (7.2 times smaller)
Danny Amendola $13.0 million (1.4 times smaller)

How Much Does Joe Edelman Make a Year?

Nicknamed “Minitron” by his teammates, Edelman was selected in the seventh round of the 2009 NFL draft and besides a being a free agent for a short while, he played for the Patriots for the most of his career. Spotrac has listed details about Edelman’s contracts from 2014 to now.

Julian Edelman of the NE Patriots

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In 2014, Edelman had a base salary of $1.0 million, which increased to $3.0 million in 2017. In 2014, Edelman signed a four year contract with the Patriots worth $17.0 million, which included a $5,000,000 signing bonus, $8,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $4,250,000. His first four year contract with the team in 2009 had a signing bonus of $48,700, so he has definitely increased his worth since being a rookie. The period between 2012 to 2013 shows lower income, and is probably because he was a free agent at that time.

The following table accounts for Edelman’s base salary, bonuses, and other earnings every year.

Year Base Salary Signing Bonus/Any Bonus Amount Total Earnings
2012 $615,000 $12,175 $615,000
2013 $715,000 $50,000 $765,000
2014 $1,000,000 $1,250,000+$500,000 roster bonus $3,437,500
2015 $2,250,000 $1,250,000+$656,250 roster bonus $6,171,875
2016 $2,500,000 $1,250,000+$421,875 roster bonus $3,171,875
2017 $3,000,000 $1,250,000+$750,000 roster bonus $4,000,000

As a well known football player, Julian Edelman also receives income from other sources such as endorsements and appearances. In eight seasons, he has earned more than $8.0 million. His approximate earnings distribution from different income sources over the last year is as follows:

Income Sources Earnings Distribution (2016)
NFL Salary + Winnings $2.2 million
Endorsements/ sponsorships $280,000
Merchandise Sales

Julian Edelman’s Income from Endorsements, Merchandise Sales, and Appearances

“The Squirrel,” as he likes being called, has a sponsorship deal with Puma. He collaborated with the activewear brand to launch his own collection of sneakers called JE11 Ignite Ultimate. At the time of its launch, a handful of fans who bought the sneakers were given a 30-minute intense workout session at Puma’s Boston store by the receiver himself!

Edelman is one of few athletes who are into social media marketing these days. Boston-based marketing firm, Superdigital is credited to making Edelman score some social media touchdowns. The firm has handled the tech-enthusiast athlete’s sponsorship deals with Puma, as well as strategic partnerships with Burberry and Google Glass.

Edelman’s partnership deal with Google Glass is his most famous one yet. He filmed a video of himself returning a punt while wearing a Google Glass to show exactly what the high-tech connected specs can do.

Alan Ringvald, director of strategy at Superdigital told Mashable, “Social media is a great way for Julian to show his personality and interests to his fans. We’ve seen pretty amazing engagement on his social channels.” Edelman is also known to post about his favorite burger joints in different cities on his Instagram. He has also endorsed Dunkin Donuts, not by making commercials, but by posting Instagram pictures of himself working at one of its locations. Superdigital has made a name for themselves by building a personal brand for Julian Edelman, including his commercial for Smoothie Tyme.

Edelman has also made appearances at men’s fashion week in New York. The Patriots’ wide receiver was ranked #23 among the top 50 NFL athletes who top merchandise sales. Each player gets paid about two-thirds of the revenue from merchandise sales. Edelman has an online store called JE11, where you buy his jerseys, hoodies, and other merchandise. Tom Brady continues to dominate sales with his own online store. However, while Brady is known to have very few endorsements, Edelman is on a path to become an endorsement star with his unique sponsorship brand.

How Does Julian Edelman Spend His Money?

In 2015, Edelman purchased a luxurious condo in Boston’s Back Bay. With 2000 sq ft of living space, his condo comes with three bedrooms, two baths, and is located in a neighborhood known for its shopping, restaurants, and nightlife. The exact price of the condo is not known, but reports claim that it was listed for $2.2 million.

Julian Edelman

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Edelman’s father is a mechanic and owner of Auto Tech in California, but the only set of wheels Edelman has been spotted driving is a skateboard! Edelman said that growing up in California made him travel everywhere on a skateboard. So, it’s not known if he owns any pricey cars.

Property/Cars Price
Back Bay Condo home $2.2 million

Part of Edelman’s expenses likely include paying child support for his daughter, Lily, with Swedish model, Ella Rose. When rumors of Edelman dating Adriana Lima surfaced, Rose filed a paternity lawsuit against Edelman, claiming that she was pregnant with his child after their casual relationship that lasted two years. Edelman contested the paternity suit, but eventually accepted the child was his. In November, he posted a picture of his baby squirrel on Instagram on the day of her birth. It is not known if Julian Edelman is paying child support for his daughter, or if the parents had agreed to other arrangements.