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With Camron and Juju’s relationship (of more than a decade) coming to a halt, the future association of Juju with Love And Hip Hop seems to be choppy waters. Rumors of his infidelity are making their rounds and she seems to be talking about a broken heart while replying to a fan query. Wonder what’s up? Keep reading for all the juicy details!

2017 seemed to be jinxed for quite a few celebrity couples. not even sparing Love and Hip Hop star Juju and her boyfriend, Camron, The couple has been in a relationship for more than a decade, and yet the link between them has gone kaput. The artist (who is usually quite calm and composed) was apparently replying to a fan when she revealed all of this.

In a current tete-a–tete with the VH1 correspondent, Juju made a slight hint at the ongoing storm in her personal life as she plans to write a book outlining her journey. The book will be written with the intention to inspire more women to come out and share their pain and what they go through during this period. The book is to lend them strength and peace during these tribulations. While she has been interacting with a lot of fans, she seems to have realized that with her thoughts and views, she could be a great help to such woman. And this is exactly what she plans to do; she is striving to be a motivating person in their lives.

Short Bio

At Juju’s ag, which is about 32 years old, she has a business to cater to apart from trying to accomplish her dreams to make it big in the acting industry. She seems to earn a decent amount of money, and she seems to have put a considerable lot into her business, as well. It was her dream to make it big in her life that drew the girl from Brooklyn New York to be raised in Miami.

Juju’s Jewels

Juju’s Instagram account describes her as Juju, Juliet C., Realtor, BU Graduate, Aspiring Actress, Author “Secrets Of Jewel” and a proud Owner of @CandyJewelsHair.” Her Instagram account is full of posts that tend to showcase more of her life and lifestyle. She seems to be incredibly proud of herself and her achievements. Her posts tend to be more in the celebration mode of life. Her posts reveal that she loves life and is always willing to overlook the negatives of life and focus more on the positives. Check out her accounts to stay glued to her love and zest for life

Not only is her Instagram account an inspiration for women to “be good and do good,” it is also an inspiration for people to adopt positivity in life. Her business that she refers to as Juju’s Jewels is a way that she can motivate people across all platforms to come forward. This is where fans can check out all of her gorgeous pics and her views on being a healthy person. She feels comfortable in her skin and wants other women to do so, as well.