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Judy Woodruff is an icon in the news industry with unparalleled tenacity and grace. A Tulsa native who began her career decades ago has made a significant career announcement. Yes, Judy Woodruff is leaving PBS NewsHour in December 2022. Her followers are having difficulty believing the news and are curious to know where she is headed next and if they will see her on broadcast again. Here’s what the veteran anchor had to say about her departure from PBS NewsHour.    

Judy Woodruff to Leave PBS NewsHour Anchor Desk

Judy Woodruff joined local television news in Atlanta after graduating from Duke University in 1968. She joined NBC News as a White House correspondent in 1977 and held this position for six years. She has also written a book called This is Judy Woodruff at the White House, published in 1982.

Woodruff became a White House reporter for PBS in 1982, in addition to hosting another show. She was also the host of the award-winning documentary series, Frontline with Judy Woodruff.  The veteran anchor joined CNN in 1993 and hosted Inside Politics and CNN WorldView.

In 2007, Judy Woodruff returned to PBS NewsHour. She and Gwen Ifill were named the official anchors in 2013, taking over from the show’s founder, Jim Lehrer.

Woodruff and Ifill worked together to supervise news gathering until Ifill’s passing in 2016. After that, Woodruff was the sole anchor of PBS NewsHour.

She has worked on numerous documentaries for PBS until now. The anchor has also received multiple awards, including the Peabody Journalistic Integrity Award, Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award, the Radcliffe Medal, and many more.

Woodruff’s first child was born with spina bifida. He had surgery when he was 16 and was left unable to move, speak, hear, or see. Since then, the anchor has done her best to help people with disabilities.

Judy Woodruff has decided to step down from the anchor desk at the end of this year. Her last day on PBS NewsHour is December 30, 2022.  She will be replaced by Amna Nawaz and Geoff Bennett on January 2, 2023.

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 Although Judy Woodruff is stepping away from the anchor desk, she will begin work on a two-year project on today’s deep political division.