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Have you heard about Juanpa Zurita’s Netflix show? It’s true; the Instagram star is getting a starring role in the new Netflix biographical film, Luis Miguel La Serie. The 22-year-old is making a name for himself and fans want to know more about his upcoming project.

If you have been to Juanpa Zurita’s Instagram recently, then you have already seen his latest post about his new film. Could the young media personality be taking on acting full time?

Juanpa Zurita Broke the News on Instagram!

News of Zurita’s role in the upcoming Spanish Netflix-Telemundo collaborated film have been in talks for a while but now the former Vine star gave fans an update. In a recent post from Mexico, Zurita wrote about the film’s premiere and his own disbelief as he moved from Vine star to movie star!


He also added that he was afraid to act for fear of failure, but luckily for fans, that never stopped him!

“I want to share that I was always afraid to take the step to acting for fear of failing, until one day I decided to try it. Two years I was doing auditions and all without success, but in each of them I learned something new, I improved and tried again.”

Juanpa Zurita First Netflix Show

Juanpa Zurita posts about his first Netflix show. Credits: Instagram/eljuanpazurita

Juanpa Zurita’s Netflix Role

Zurita plays Alejandro Basteri (Alex) the brother of famous Mexican singer Luis Miguel, who is played by Scream Queens alum Diego Boneta. The biopic series (in Spanish) follows the complicated life of Grammy-winning Mexican singer Luis Miguel, who dealt with the disappearance of his mother and the fall out with is father/manager. He was a multi-platinum artist who became famous at the age of 17. His only escape from his struggles was music. Netflix has taken on the task of bringing his exceptional life to the small screen, and fans cannot wait to see Zurita finally get his big break. Who know? This could be it!

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FYI: Zurita took the chance to meet with Miguel’s brother and learn about the character he’s playing in order to be fully prepared for the role. Now, that’s dedication!


Watch Zurita in Luis Miguel, available to stream on April 22, on Netflix. In the meantime, check out the exciting trailer below by Netflix América Latina!

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