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A UFO festival isn’t where you would likely expect to find a big celebrity, but that’s exactly where you’ll find TV host Josh Gates later this month! The Travel Channel star will be making an appearance at the 2017 UFO Festival, taking place in Roswell, New Mexico, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the 1947 alien crash landing many believe occurred there. But will Gates be attending alone? We’re sure there are many people wondering if Josh Gates’ wife will also be present at the event. Are you asking yourself, “Who is Josh Gates married to?” He is, and her name is Hallie Gnatovich. Let us serve as your Hallie Gnatovich wiki of sorts as we’ve got all the details you need to know about her, right here.

They Were Co-Stars

Many of the Josh Gates and Hallie Gnatovich pictures you would find of the two together (Hallie Gnatovich’s Instagram is private–sorry!) were likely taken from the show the celebrity couple met on, Syfy’s Destination Truth.

The show, which ran from June 2007 to August 2012 and consisted of five 11-episode seasons, followed Gates (who is both host and co-executive producer) as he traveled around the world investigating claims of paranormal sightings.


While the supernatural phenomenon varied, Gates specialized in cryptozoology, a pseudoscience based around creatures that have never been proven to exist (Bigfoot) and those that no longer should (dinosaurs).

For the series’ run, Gnatovich served as a minor co-star on the show, taking part in eight episodes from 2008 to the show’s finale. That’s because Destination Truth had a gimmick of sorts, where those on the production crew were regularly brought around from behind the camera to in front of it, to help Gates with investigations. The crew also served as members of his research team.

And, as with many men and women who appear on camera together, all the time they spent together blossomed into love and the two ended up getting engaged! Josh Gates and Hallie Gnatovich’s wedding took place in York, Maine in mid-September of 2014.

Gates would go on to host a new version of the show, Expedition Unknown, for the Travel Channel, which has been renewed for a fourth season. Gnatovich now serves as a therapist, specializing in “20 & 30 somethings, mothers, #LGBTQ couples, and #entertainment industry professionals,” according to her Twitter.

Breaking the News

Owen, the son of Josh Gates and Hallie Gnatovich who’s age is only a year old, is obviously too young to appear on television with his dad. However, the baby is already a celebrity; in fact, he was before he was even born!


Gnatovich informing her husband that he was going to be a father actually occurred in the middle of filming an episode of Expedition Unknown! She contacted him via satellite phone to tell him the good news–all while his camera crew was still filming.

Gates ended up getting rather emotional after hanging up with his wife, before revealing to his team just what had him so worked up.

The phone call and conversation were left in the completed episode, which aired on December 2, 2015. The episode was about Christopher Columbus, a common topic on Expedition Unknown, but it’s highly unlikely that anybody remembers the episode for anything but the exciting baby news!

Gates could’ve revealed that Columbus didn’t really discover America and it still would’ve played second fiddle to the big announcement!

A few months after the episode was broadcast, on February 12, 2016, little Owen was born. And now that’s been over a year since their son was born, many are curious to know if they are thinking about having more!

Who knows; maybe Josh Gates and Hallie Gnatovich have started wondering about the option of another, especially with their hectic work schedules. It’ll be interesting to see how they inform the world if they do!

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