Jordin Sparks may have become famous at an early age, but the singer has clearly not let it get to her head. She recently displayed her humble side when she replied to a fan on Instagram, giving her emotional strength and support.

On November 8, the 25-year-old singer and actress posted a fresh-faced selfie of herself, explaining that she was stuck in traffic and bored. However, what the “No Air” singer did not anticipate was how she would change the lives of many people, just with a simple selfie. Within minutes of posting the image, a fan by the name of Alexis requested Sparks to help her with only a few kind words or a verse from the Bible, as she was in great trouble and was “searching for answers.”

Sparks replied soon after with a long, heartfelt message, reading, “I’m sorry you’re going through difficult times. You will get through this & you will be stronger than ever. God is so good because He meant for me to see your comment [sic].” She went on to quote two verses from the Bible and ended with, “Keep your head held high,” along with a heart emoticon.


Needless to say, this caught the attention of other followers as well, and Sparks gained a massive amount of respect with such a simple, but sweet gesture. They left comments such as, “The fact that Jordin takes time to help a fan who is struggling. Respect!” and, “How refreshing and uplifting of you to take the time to respond to someone in need! You were definitely raised with values. I do hope the lord has been shining down on you for all the smiles you create. The world is a better place @jordinsparks just knowing you are in it. #allthisfromaselfie.”

On the way to the airport yesterday, I got stuck in traffic soooo I took selfies in the awesomely lit backseat. There’s no filter on this, just what the camera took with the sunlight. I don’t know what face I’m making but I like it. Hi. ☺️ #latergram #honestpost

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Meanwhile, it seems that Sparks has also become the official national anthem singer for many major sports events. The American Idol winner has been singing the anthem since the 2008 Super Bowl! Following that, she had the honor again in 2009 for the NBA All-Star game, then in 2011 for the Kentucky Derby, and earlier this year in May for the Indianapolis 500. Most recently, prior to last week’s Monday Night Football, Sparks was seen wowing audiences with her voice yet again.


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