Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff /Getty Images

The Bachelorette has finally come to an end. After weeks of emotional turmoil, JoJo made up her mind and picked her man from the last two remaining contenders. Who did JoJo finally choose to be her soul mate? It was Jordan Rodgers! Three cheers for the winner! Robby had to go home and Jordan got the girl. So, Reality Steve got this one right too! Amidst tears and joy, JoJo hugged Jordan and told him that she was in love with him and wanted to stay with him for the rest of her life. Jordan couldn’t stop himself from getting emotional as it was all he wanted to hear from JoJo as she finally told him those three most meaningful words.

Playing Ball

Jordan got the girl but can he take care of her? Taking care of someone requires money. So, the question on everybody’s mind is, “What does Jordan Rodgers do for a living?” He is a football player just like his brother Aaron Rodgers. While Aaron made it big playing for the Green Bay Packers, Jordan has not been able to match his brother’s success. On top of that there are constant rumors that the brothers don’t see eye to eye anymore on anything. It seems the two are not even on speaking terms. So, who did Jordan Rodgers play for? Rodgers played for Vanderbilt University’s football team as a quarter back but just couldn’t make to the big leagues. One of the most unkind things said about Rodgers is that he was only taking part in the show in hopes to make a post football career on TV.

A Big Mistake

Rodgers almost screwed up himself on The Bachelorette when he did not ask JoJo’s parents for their daughter’s hand on the day he met them. Robby asked for both their blessing, leaving JoJo unsure of why Rodgers refrained. When JoJo found out that Rodgers had not asked her parents, she was heartbroken and confronted him as to why. Rodgers had no clear reply, stumbling on his words, which just seemed to make things worse. He was in turmoil with himself, as he wanted to do it but was afraid. He put himself out of his misery by calling up JoJo’s parents and asking for their blessing, moments before seeing JoJo for what could have been the last time. To his total relief JoJo’s parents gave him their blessings and he was more ready than ever to finally pop the question.

Money Matters

JoJo Fletcher had a lot of time to make her final decision. She spent time with all the contestants in the weeks leading up to the final rose ceremony and had to make a choice. Rodgers was a favorite to win her hand from the start but the suspense was nerve racking. So, what is Jordan Rodger’s net worth? It’s a cool $1.5 million. Enough to take care of JoJo for now, but Rodgers, with no football career on the horizon, money could become a concern. JoJo and Jordan confessed their love for each other on the show’s finale they’ve stayed together against all odds.

Together Forever?

There is a lot of negativity going on around JoJo and Jordan right now but they have to handle it with care. People are already predicting doom for their relationship and saying that they have already split up. Many are speculating that they are only staying together because of the show. Through all the rumors and nasty comments, the two have confirmed that their love is real, and they are just happy to now be able to prove that to the rest of the world. No more hiding for these two! We wish them the best!