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Andy Dalton is one of the more talked about quarterbacks in the NFL. His season with the Cincinnati Bangles has been pretty solid, like his performance against the Steelers on Monday night for example. Even in a loss, Dalton still managed to complete 21 of 36 passes for 234 yards, had two touchdowns, and rushed twice for 19 yards. And, Andy Dalton’s wife is supporting him every step of the way. If you’ve been wondering about the woman behind the football star, then keep reading for more information in our Jordan Dalton wiki, right here.

Jordan Dalton’s Bio

Unlike many other NFL wives, like Jessica Simpson and Gisele Bündchen, Jordan Dalton wasn’t a public figure before her husband joined the NFL, so some details on her private life are still private. However, we do know that before marriage, she was born as Jordan Jones and was raised in Richardson, Texas.

Dalton’s parents are Charles Douglas Jones and Jeanie Barnhill Jones. She has a younger brother named Doug Jones.

Jordan Dalton attended Texas Christian University, where she took marketing. That is where she met her future husband, Andy Dalton.


Andy and Jordan Dalton’s Relationship

The couple met during their senior year at TCU and quickly became inseparable. They got engaged on October 7, 2010, during what became a major season for the footballer. Dalton was picked up by the Bangles as their second draft pick in the 2011 Draft, and his fiancée was right there with him.

What a night!!! Love this guy!!

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The duo got married on July 9, 2011. And, if you’re curious, their wedding website is still up and open to the public as of this writing!


The Daltons have two sons. Noah Andrew was born July 1, 2014, and their second son, Nash Gordon, was born March 16, 2017.


Currently, the family splits their time between Texas and Ohio.

Charity Work

In 2011, the happy couple started the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation, a charity designed to help out kids with very bad health issues and their families.

As we approach the giving holiday season, consider giving a donation to provide daily support, opportunities, resources…

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The Foundation does numerous events every year, including a golf tournament, charity dinner with celebrity waiters, and a date night where the parents can have a fun dinner night while the Daltons, along with some other childcare providers, look after the kids with fun and games. The couple took 50 families to an amusement park in August.

Both Jordan and Andy Dalton have spoken about how rewarding the Foundation has been to their lives. And in addition to their events, the charity has a website that allows you to make direct donations.

Where You Can Find Jordan Dalton

Jordan Dalton can often be spotted at Bangle home games. She is a constant fixture of her Foundation’s charity functions.

Jordan Dalton’s Instagram account is filled with pics of her family. But, you do see the odd post in regards to social issues that appear to be close to her heart, like human trafficking.

And a perfect sign that Andy and Jordan Dalton make a good couple is that his Instagram is very similar to his wife’s. It features plenty of Jordan Dalton’s pics, as well as promotional material for the Foundation and his team.

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