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If you don’t remember 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street, the name Jordan Belfort might seem unfamiliar to you. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Belfort, the film portrays the rise and fall of the stock market mogul. In the real life story, Jordan Belfort began an affair with Nadine Caridi while he was still married to his former wife, Denise Lombardo. But the romance did not last. His dishonesty, shady lifestyle, and drug abuse lead to their divorce soon after. Who is Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife? Who is the woman he left her for? Keep reading our Nadine Caridi wiki to find out more about her.

Married to the Wolf

Belfort and Caridi began their affair during his marriage to his former wife. At the time, she was in her 20s and met Belfort through an introduction by her then-boyfriend, Alan Wilzig. When Belfort’s divorce was finalized, he and Caridi decided to marry in 1891. Nadine Caridi’s wedding took place in the Caribbean. She was then known as the Duchess of Bay Ridge. They have two children together, daughter Chandler, and son Carter.

Belfort’s famous yacht, which was originally built for Coco Chanel, was named Nadine after his second wife. Unfortunately, it now lays at the bottom of the sea in East Coast of Sardinia. Like his yacht, his marriage to The Nadine also went under because of his affairs, alleged domestic violence, substance-abuse, and fraudulency. In 2005, the couple divorced.

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In the 1990s, Jordan Belfort, a.k.a. the Wolf of Wall Street, made millions through his investment company, Stratton Oakmont. The young salesman successfully began selling stocks in 1987, and illegally made millions. For defrauding its investors, Belfort and his operation we’re busted and he had to deal with the consequences for his sketchy businesses. He pleaded guilty to securities fraud and money laundering in 1999, and in 2003 was sentenced to four years in prison, but only served 22 months. In 2013, the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, took Belfort’s life of fraud, drug abuse, and multiple affairs to the big screen. Now an author, Belfort uses his experiences as the Wolf of Wall Street, and as a motivational speaker. He was married twice and is the father of two children.


Model-Turned-Psychology Graduate

Nadine Caridi was born in London, England, but was raised in Bay Ridge, NY. When she was young, she graduated from John Dewey High School and became a renowned model for Miller Lite in the 1990s. She has a Masters in Clinical Psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute, and earned her PhD in 2015. Over the years, she succeeded to gather a small fortune, but an official number of Nadine Caridi’s net worth was not released. Click here to see her clips from the ad.

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Manhattan Remarriage

After her divorce from Belfort, Caridi changed her life and reinvented herself. She is now married to John Macaluso, CEO of Wizard World, and former entrepreneur from New York. The couple got married in Manhattan Beach, and she now goes by the name of Nadine Macaluso. According to some sources, she is 22 years younger than her current husband, however they are happily living together with their children. Their family includes Macaluso’s three daughters with his ex-wife: Frankie, Nicky, and Allie, and Nadine Caridi’s kids with her ex-husband. Check out the Instagram photo below to see their entire family.

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