Photo: ABC/ Paul Hebert

Bachelor Nation must be excited to know more about the men courting Rachel Lindsay in the upcoming Bachelorette 2017. One of her suitors, Jonathan Treece, has an interesting past.

Rachel Lindsay’s The Bachelorette season is currently filming. So, when news of a suitor’s past arrest surfaces, Bachelor Nation wonders how it will affect the outcome of the show. ABC hasn’t even revealed the contestant bios yet, but Bachelor Nation has already uncovered the legal history of some of the suitors. What did Bachelor Nation discover while sleuthing through the names of the upcoming contestants? Jonathan Treece on The Bachelorette was involved in a situation that reminds us of Chris Soules’ current drama. Here’s everything to know about him in our Jonathan Treece wiki.

#1. Who is Jonathan Treece?

Treece is family doctor practicing medicine in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. He currently works at the Volusia Medical Center there. As a practitioner of family medicine, he looks after the health of children and families.

He got his Bachelor’s degree from Arkansas St. University and his MD from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine. Treece also has a Florida medical license and did his residency at the Halifax Medical Center in Port Orange, Florida.

His patients only have good things to say about him. As a successful doctor, we wonder what his net worth could be. But it’s too early to be calculated.

#2. He was Married

There’s no information about Treece’s parents or whether he has any siblings. Generally, the contestants’ Instagram and other social media give us clue to their personal life. But many of these suitors have made their social media profiles private until The Bachelorette premieres.

Bachelor Nation has however uncovered that he was married until 2015. Treece’s ex-wife’s identity is still a mystery and so is the nature of their relationship. Maybe she would share her thoughts about her ex-husband-turned-Bachelorette contestant? There have been many divorced contestants in the past, but we don’t know if it would be a deal-breaker for Rachel.

The new Bachelorette spoke about her thoughts on marriage saying she is “at a stage in life where I’m ready for a family, I’m ready to get married. I want a guy who is not afraid of that. I’ve come across that in my past.”

#3. His Run-in with the Law

On the surface, Jonathan Treece appears to be a quite an upstanding guy. But then again, so do most of the contestants in The Bachelor franchise (Remember The Chad?). But outside of The Bachelorette, Treece has dark past. A report from the New Smyrna Beach Police Department revealed that Jonathan Treece was charged with one count of leaving the scene of a crash with serious injuries, and one count of leaving the scene of a crash involving damage in 2015.

“[Treece’s vehicle] made a left turn at the intersection in front of [the victim’s vehicle] and the victim hit the vehicle on the right passenger side. [Treece’s vehicle] then proceeded into a fence, made a U-turn and proceeded back through the fence and fled the scene,” the report said.

According to eyewitnesses, Treece parked his damaged car in the parking lot of a movie theater. He got out of his car and went inside after the accident. Two officers found him inside the theater and arrested him. Treece was released on a $1,500 bond and pleaded not guilty. The charges were dismissed only this February.

Will this affect Treece’s outcome in the competition for Rachel’s heart? Hard to tell. Bachelor Nation has uncovered a few other contestants with arrest histories worse than Treece’s. It will be interesting to see what unfolds this season and what secrets are revealed with this batch of young hunks!

We’ll have to wait and see what Rachel Lindsay thinks about Jonathan Treece’s past when The Bachelorette premieres on May 22 on ABC.