Join the Cast of Downton Abbey Season 6 with Mobile Game Now Available

We’ve discussed the Walking Dead mobile game in the past, and it was fitting that such a series would get an app. But who would have thought that a company would make a game for the violence- and action-less Downton Abbey season 6? Well, one developer has, and it’s now available!

Downton Abbey: Mysteries of the Manor is a recent mobile game from Activision, the company also responsible for the Call of Duty video game franchise, the TV series’ polar opposite. Released in mid-September, the game sees the player in the role of a new member of the manor staff who was hired to investigate a strange burglary that has put the Crawley fortune in serious risk. Determining who’s responsible will require an investigation of the entire estate and its residents.

A special focus is put upon returning stolen goods to their respectful owners, which also helps return the Abbey to its original state. However, like with the show, everyone has their personal secrets and motives, so allies must be chosen carefully. A video of the gameplay is available, showing the Abbey’s layout and how it is navigated. The characters likenesses are also used, though there doesn’t appear to be any voice acting. 

The game is free to play, though, like similar mobile titles, in-app purchases are available for impatient players. It also promises new content on a monthly-basis, including a Christmas-themed one; appropriate, given the final episode of Downton Abbey season 6 is a Christmas special. Social leaderboards will also be available for those who have friends also playing the game and who want to see who is faster at reclaiming the stolen items. 

Downton Abbey: Mysteries of the Manor is available for select Android, Apple, and Amazon Fire devices. As for the show itself, its final season began airing on January 3 in North America; in the show’s home country of the United Kingdom, the series wrapped up on Christmas Day. But don’t worry, because the mobile game appears to be spoiler-free, so you should still be able to enjoy the rest of Downton Abbey season 6!

Photo: Facebook/DowntonAbbey



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