Since his split from long-time girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp has gotten quite a bit of slack for his relationship with the much younger Amber Heard—he’s 50 and Heard is only 27. Heard has also gotten closer to Depp’s two kids—whom he had with Paradis—and Paradis isn’t too happy about it. She reportedly feels like Heard is only interested in Depp’s money and fame, and that Depp is only going to break their kids’ hearts when his relationship with Heard inevitably ends.

Despite Paradis’ claims, Depp has always been confident in his parenting skills, and now he’s passing on some words of wisdom to Prince William, who welcomed his first child on July 22, 2013. “First of all, it’s the greatest thing you will ever experience, without question. It’s the greatest ride ever,” Depp told Prince William via a radio interview. Having a packed schedule, he’s realized that the only thing any good parent can do for their kids is spend time with them. “The best thing you can do is just love them and be there.”

Depp does seem to be taking his own advice. He recently took his kids with him on a trip to Japan, where he was promoting his new film The Lone Ranger. Heard was also with them. The actress was photographed placing a protective arm around Depp’s 11-year-old son.


What do you think: Is it too soon for Johnny Depp’s kids to be getting so close to Heard? Would you take parenting advice from Depp?


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