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John Stofflet, NBC15 WMTV’s long-time anchor-reporter, has decided to leave the news desk and announced his retirement in January 2023 after 2 Emmy Awards and a career spanning over three decades. And now, viewers are wondering who will be joining NBC15 Madison as his replacement. The veteran anchor recently announced his successor and welcomed him to the team. Read on to find out what John Stofflet had to say about his retirement and who will take over his position.

John Stofflet to Leave NBC15 Madison

A Middleton native and UW-Madison Journalism School graduate, John Stofflet has traveled to 40 countries and all seven continents to cover the latest news. He has also met President Obama for an interview at the White House.

The long-time anchor has earned 25 Emmy Awards and Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards for excellence in writing and reporting. Additionally, Stofflet’s story on a cerebral palsy artist who uses a typewriter to create paintings has gone viral, receiving more than 23 million views on YouTube.

In 1983, Stofflet started his media career with WKOW 27 News in Madison, Wisconsin, and was there until 1989. That same year, he joined KING 5 News in Seattle, Washington, as a reporter, producer, and host.

Between 2001 and 2003, Stofflet also worked as a freelance special correspondent with the National Geographic Channel during his tenure at KING 5 News. He reported, produced, and wrote breaking stories for the nightly news on National Geographic Today.

In 2005, Stofflet returned to his home state of Wisconsin after 16 years at KING-TV to join the WMTV NBC15 Madison news team as an anchor and reporter.

Many Americans grew up watching NBC15’s John Stofflet, so naturally, they have grown attached to him over the years. But now, the seasoned anchor will be leaving WMTV-TV to enjoy the next phase of his life.

In January 2023, he announced his retirement and said, “I will retire in mid to late June of this year, after I turn 62. 62 is a very common retirement age. What will I do next?”

The illustrious journalist also stated that he had no intention of seeking full-time employment. Instead, Stofflet said that he might occasionally take part-time or temporary work in addition to volunteering.

The veteran anchor will still do the newscasts until June 2023. And recently, WMTV-TV has named Mark McPherson as NBC15’s evening anchor and Stofflet’s successor.

Stofflet shared a post announcing his successor and said, “Please join me in giving a warm welcome to my successor, Mark McPherson! I’m pleased to tell you Mark will be taking my place as evening anchor/reporter here at NBC15 Madison when I retire.”

McPherson is a native of Minnesota and most recently worked as a morning anchor for WMTV’s sister station KKTV in Colorado Springs. He joined NBC15 Madison on April 19, 2023, and received a warm welcome from his colleagues.

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Mark McPherson recently NBC15 Madison and said, “Thank you for the warm welcome, John Stofflet and Leigh Mills! And to everyone who has welcomed me this week. So happy to be here and be part of this team.”