The whole world knows how great a musician John Mayer is. If “Your Body Is a Wonderland,” “Waiting on the World to Change,” and “Gravity” were not enough, the singer just shared more proof of it to social media. To his Instagram account, Katy Perry’s ex posted a video of himself playing the guitar in such a way that it sounded like the sitar (an instrument used typically in Indian classical music).

To add to that, the 38-year-old also divulged the secret of the trick. In the short, black and white video Mayer was seen smiling at something away from the lens after which he turned his attention to the guitar and played a superb lick. The caption read, “Using your sleeve to achieve sitar tones. Do not smash that mf like button if this isn’t your thing [sic].”

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Within just three hours the video received over 35,000 likes and comments from fans that praised him to no end. They wrote, “Tingles down my spine. Literally every time,” and, “His playing’s evolved immensely [sic].”

Prior to this post Mayer shared a photo of himself in front of an amplifier with the caption, “Selfies ‘n Gear. Smash that like button.” And two days ago, he posted a snap with The John Mayer Trio. Besides Mayer, the band consists of bassist Pino Palladino as well as drummer Steve Jordan. The post was captioned, “In the studio, day one.” Fans can definitely look forward to listening to some new music from the singer, although it may not be any time soon. They left comments like, “oh my gosh!!! So excited!!! [sic],” and, “I’m ready.”

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Image Source: Instagram/johnmayer

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