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Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell has recently been fired and many are wondering what will happen to the team. Why was John Farrell fired? To learn more, have a look at our John Farrell wiki.

Who is John Farrell?

John Edward Farrell was born on August 4, 1962 in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey. He’s a former pitcher and has played for the Cleveland Indians, California Angels, and the Detroit Tigers. His wife’s name is Sue and they have three kids: Jeremy, Shane, and Luke. John Farrell’s net worth is estimated at $2.0 million and John Farrell’s salary from his pitching days has ranged from $175,000-$400,000.

Farewell, Farrell

John Farrell’s Red Sox career began in 2013 and he was contracted to coach until 2018 but as it turns out, Boston Red Sox president of baseball operations, Dave Dombrowski, had other plans.

“I want to start by thanking John Farrell for what he has done for the Boston Red Sox organization over the years,” Dombrowski said to media at a press conference at Fenway Park on Wednesday. “To me, I thought it was an appropriate time to make a change for the betterment of the organization moving forward. You weigh a lot of different things that come into play, you watch day in and day out over a season, and you come up with a decision based upon that.”

Despite leading the team to the World Series in 2013, it wasn’t enough to save Farrell’s job. Some believe that he would’ve been fired sooner, had it not been for his cancer diagnosis at the time.

Dombrowski didn’t go into detail on what factors led to Farrell’s dismissal saying, “I’m not going to get into particular situations that really made the final decision. He didn’t consult with the team before hand but also added that it “was not a snap decision” either. But many might believe that the team’s recent season-ending loss was also a contributing factor in the decision-making process.

How Did John Farrell Take It?

Farrell wasn’t present at the press conference but released a statement on his recent termination as Red Sox manager.

“Despite an end to this season that we all wanted to be different, I am proud of this ball club and the resiliency shown,” said Farrell. “I have enjoyed every moment of this job – its peaks and its valleys. There are few, if any, positions in life that create so much passion on a daily basis.”

He continued: “I am grateful to an ownership group that gave me such a unique opportunity, and one that shared my desire to bring World Series championships to this great city. They supported me through a challenging and scary period in my own life, and I remain forever indebted.

There’s no word on who will replace Farrell as manager but “job knowledge, running the game, running the pitching staff, [and] dealing with the media” were mentioned as attributes that Dombrowski is looking for in an ideal candidate.