Joel Taylor, a famous meteorologist who became popular on the Discovery Channel show, Storm Chasers, has passed away. With his passing, many are curious to learn more about him and the details surrounding Joel Taylor’s death. Find out about this inspiring personality, right here in our informative Joel Taylor wiki.

The weather community is overcome with grief after the loss of one of their famous personalities. Joel Taylor, a storm chaser and meteorologist, was known for pursuing storms on Discovery Channel’s, Storm Chasers.

Since the news of Joel Taylor’s death broke, those who grew up watching him are devastated.

A Wild Start

Joel Taylor grew up in the heart of the U.S.’ Tornado Alley—the cluster of states that frequently experience severe weather. Growing up with a “front-row seat” to tornadoes and storms, he was fascinated by the climate.

Driven by his passion, Taylor attended the University of Oklahoma to study meteorology. There, he met a fellow storm enthusiast and meteorology Ph.D. candidate, Reed Timmer, who later became the star of Storm Chasers.

Timmer and Taylor followed and intercepted several tornadoes, and their extensive research saved many lives.

Driving Through the Storm

Taylor was one of the many storm chasers on the hit Discovery show, which was helmed by filmmaker Sean Casey and atmospheric scientist Dr. Joshua Wurman. The teams on the show had their own vehicles and equipment to go after tornadoes.

Timmer, Taylor, and Chris Chittick, a photographer and probe technician, formed the highly mobile “Team Dominator.” Their goal was to take “extreme videos” while collecting scientific data.

Taylor was the designated driver of the SRV Dominator, an armored storm research vehicle. He was familiar with the back roads of the Great Plains, well enough to navigate the team as they went chasing after storms.

A Turbulent Partnership

Reed Timmer and Joel Taylor’s partnership was the stuff of legends. But Team Dominator’s dynamics soured when Timmer decided to expand his research. Taylor wasn’t interested in the new course of their research at that time.

An upset Timmer questioned Taylor’s dedication to Team Dominator, which led Taylor to quit storm chasing altogether. He had a brief career in real estate after parting ways with Timmer.

But when a new season of Storm Chasers was underway, the storm had passed for these buddies! They reconnected, and Taylor was ready to go after tornadoes with Team Dominator again.

Although tensions between Timmer and Taylor still prevailed, they remained tight until the show ended in 2012.

Timmer officially broke the news about Taylor’s death on Twitter. Taylor was 38, and the cause of his death is not disclosed at this time.

Joel Taylor was last active on Facebook on January 15, 2018. It’s not known who he is survived by.