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Cleo Wattenström became interested in tattooing as it provided an outlet for her to express her art. She got inspired by black-and-white films and photography and used them to create a style of tattooing of her own. She is married to actor Joel Kinnaman, and they live in a $3.7 million mansion. Wattenström likes to travel and has visited several places like Dubai and South Africa with Kinnaman.

About Cleo Wattenström
Age29 Years
BirthJune 12, 1992 Belgium
Height5 feet, 8 inches
SpouseJoel Kinnaman
AddressVenice, California
CountryUnited States
JobTattoo Artist, Part-Time Model
Instagram Profilecleokinnaman

While husband Joel Kinnaman is raising his profile by acting in popular TV series like House of Cards and Altered Carbon, his wife is content to be the lesser seen partner in their marriage.

Joel Kinnaman’s wife’s name is Cleo Wattenström. She is a tattoo artist whose work has been much appreciated by her clients and admirers. Her inspiration comes from black-and-white films and photography, and it clearly shows in her work.

Here are a few details from Cleo Wattenström’s wiki.

Who Is Cleo Wattenström?

Born on June 12, 1992, in Belgium, Cleo Wattenström’s age is 26. Her parents have roots in Sweden and Ethiopia, so Wattenström was exposed to different cultures from a young age.

Wattenström’s passion for art began when she was just 14 years of age, and she worked on it to hone her skills.

Black-and-White Films and Photography Inspire Her

While she lived in Stockholm, Sweden, Wattenström looked at different art forms to serve as her inspiration. That’s when she developed an appreciation for black-and-white films and photography.

In an interview, Wattenström revealed that she decided to become a tattoo artist because it was a great way to turn her passion for art into a career.

Swedish tattoo artist, Cleo Wattenström

Swedish tattoo artist, Cleo Wattenström. Credits:Instagram/cleokinnaman

Wattenström said of her career choice, “What got me into tattooing was probably that I did not want to go to school and I needed to find something that I could earn money off, and the only thing I was really good at was drawing.”

Today, she works in one of the many tattoo shops in Southern California with the full support and encouragement of her husband, Joel Kinnaman.

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Cleo Wattenström’s Modeling Career

Apart from being a tattoo artist, Wattenström also worked as a part-time model when she was living in Stockholm, Sweden. She has modeled for magazines, books and specialized in genres like horror, glamour, pin-up, Goth, fashion, and retro.

Cleo Wattenström’s height is five-foot-eight and looks gorgeous both on and off camera.

Joel Kinnaman and Cleo Wattenström’s Relationship

Cleo Wattenström’s husband, Joel Kinnaman, also grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, and started dating her in 2014. Their relationship was known to the public around December 2014, even though they had been dating for several months and were also living together.

The couple was first photographed together in August 2014.

News of Her Marriage Came as a Surprise

Kinnanman and Wattenström wanted a marriage without any intrusions from the media and got quietly married without making it public news. In fact, most people were not even aware that the two had gotten married until Kinnaman revealed it in an interview with The Talk in April 2016.

On the show, host Aisha Tyler said to Kinnaman, “Your girlfriend is actually a tattoo artist,” to which Kinnaman replied and corrected her by saying, “My wife.”

Joel Kinnaman and his wife, Cleo Wattenström

Joel Kinnaman and his wife, Cleo Wattenström. Credits:Instagram/cleokinnaman

Later, Kinnaman explained on The Late Late Show with James Corden that they had gotten married in a low-profile ceremony in early 2016.

The actor said, “I’m a romantic guy. I took her to this very romantic place on San Vicente Bouleward called Same Day Marriage. That was it. This little Russian lady sitting inside there, she was like, ‘Do you want to get married? $435, quick.’”

Kinnaman said that he and Wattenström were taken to a very sketchy looking room where the Russian woman said to them, “Marriage, rest of your lives, you say yes.”

They both said yes, and that was the end of it.

She Has Been Bitten by the Wander Bug

The couple currently live in Venice, California, but take time out from their work to travel together to different parts of the world. They have traveled to places like Dubai, Cuba, and South Africa, among other destinations.

Wattenström keeps her friends and fans updated about their traveling through her Instagram account, which she regularly updates.

The Couple Live in a $3.7 Million Mansion

Wattenström often accompanies Kinnaman to movie premieres, and the couple has been an invited guest at the White House for dinner once.

The tattoo artist does not reveal details of her net worth, but she doesn’t need to worry as hubby Kinnaman has a net worth estimated at a cool $6.0 million. No wonder the couple can afford to live in a beautiful house in Venice, California, which is worth a pricey $3.7 million.

Cleo Wattenström Is a Fantastic Tattoo Artist

Those who want to see some sizzling pictures of the tattoo artist should head over to Cleo Wattenström’s Instagram account. It is full of pics of a tattooed Wattenström with her husband, her mother, her friends, her colleagues at work, and her tattoo studio.

There are also black-and-white sketches of Wattenström and lots of tattoos featuring icons like actress Marilyn Monroe and painter Salvador Dali.

Future Looks Very Bright

These days, Wattenström is busy with her tattoo business and is becoming known all over the world. With people increasingly resorting to tattoos to express themselves, the future looks very bright for Wattenström.

Between her work and being a pillar of support for her actor husband, Cleo Wattenström is in a very happy space right now.

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