When most people think of comedy, they think of fast-talking one liners and vulgar anecdotes. But that’s not the case with comedian, Joe Pera. The New York native made an appearance on Conan recently and once again, his show was another crowd pleaser. Now, people have been looking for information on Joe Pera and want to know more. So, if you want all the details, then have a look at our Joe Pera wiki, right here!

Joe Pera the Comedian, Age, and Early Life

Joe Pera‘s age is up for debate, but many believe him to be around 25, even though many agree that he dresses like he’s 45. He’s worked the New York comedy circuit for years in his signature sweaters, khakis, and glasses that many have come to recognize the awkward comedian in.

Joe Pera’s Disability

Anyone who has seen him in action has noticed that his comedic style is slow paced and gentle—the opposite of pretty much any famous comedian you can think of. This has led many to question “Joe Pera’s disease” or if he has a disability. Pera hasn’t gone on the record with the confirmation any disability, but his approach to comedy seems to work for him. In his segment on Late Night with Seth Myers, Pera is seen noticeably fidgeting his hands in a nervous manner, directly in his pocket—it’s hard to miss. It has caused many to wonder if there is actually something wrong with him, or if it’s an act and part of his shtick.

Joe Pera’s Sleep Aid Video

In an online video via Adult Swim, an animated Pera (sitting in a rocking chair dressed like Mr. Rogers) is talking in his signature slow paced tone, deliberately trying to put viewers to sleep. If you ever have problems sleeping, you should be using his video. It’s both hilarious and effective. If you don’t make it all the way to the ending—don’t worry—that just means it worked. Pera uses the old frail man persona and awkward mannerisms perfectly, as a way to build up laughs from the audience. It’s like watching your grandpa talk about sex, making you wish he would stop.


Joe Pera’s Tomato Obsession

You wouldn’t know it by looking at him but Pera has a lot of love for tomatoes! His Instagram is littered with pictures of them and almost every photo involves a tomato in every form you can think of. From drinks to meals, Pera has found every possible use for the controversial fruit, but the reason behind his tomato obsession? Unknown.

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His brand of comedy may not be for everyone, but Pera gets results and keeps the crowd entertained. He may not be as big as other comedians right now, but he’s big enough that star hosts like Conan and Meyers are calling him back—so he must be doing something right! Keep an eye out for this up and coming comedian, though with how slow and stagnant his acts seem to be, it may take a while!

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