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On Thursday, President Donald Trump said that Joe Lieberman was his first choice to be the FBI director, after he fired the previous man in position, James B. Comey, last week. Who is Joe Lieberman? Is Joe Lieberman a Democrat? These are some of the questions people are asking, and we’ve done some digging to fill you in.

“We’re very close to an FBI director,” said Trump to reporters in the Oval Office, as he posed for photos with President Juan Miguel Santos of Colombia. But Lieberman wasn’t always Trump’s first choice, according to the Washington Post. The president was considering Senate Majority Whip John Coryn (R-Tex), however, Coryn took himself out of the running as he felt it was best for him to serve in the Senate. For more information on the possible new FBI director, keep reading our Joe Lieberman wiki.

Originally a Democrat

Possible candidate for FBI director, Joe Lieberman was elected as a “reform Democrat” in 1970 to the Connecticut Senate. He served there for a decade, including the last six years as Majority Leader. He then served as Connecticut Attorney General from 1983 to 1989, and in the 1986 general election, he won more votes than any other Democrat on the ticket across the state! In 1994, he made history after winning the largest landslide ever in a Connecticut State race. Between 1995 and 2001, he served as chair of the Democratic Leadership Council. In 2000, Lieberman was the first Democratic vice presidential nominee and the first Jewish candidate on a major party presidential ticket. However, his run in the Democratic Party came to an end after losing the primary in 2006, but won reelection as an Independent. He has been serving for the Independent party since then.

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Family Life

Joe Lieberman’s age is 75 and he was born in Stamford, Connecticut on February 24, 1942. He has been married twice, once to Betty Haas, and then to Hadassah Freilich Tucker. He met Hass at the congressional office of Senator Abraham Ribicoff, where they worked as summer interns. In 1965, they married while Lieberman was studying at law school. The couple had two children, Matt and Rebecca. In 1981, they divorced and Lieberman was reported to have said the reason for the split was differences in “levels of religious observance.” Both of them are Jewish. He later met Tucker in 1982 while running for Attorney General of Connecticut. Her parents were survivors of the Holocaust. The couple have one daughter named Hani, and Lieberman is also the stepfather to Tucker’s son from a previous marriage. Some of Lieberman’s children followed in his footsteps and studied at Ivy League universities.

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Lieberman’s Law Firm

Joe Lieberman’s law firm is Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP. On his official bio, it says, “Senator Joseph I. Lieberman applies the investigative skills he honed as United States Senator and Attorney General of the State of Connecticut to represent clients in independent and internal investigations and advise them on a wide range of public policy, strategic and regulatory issues.” His profile defines him as a seasoned leader, skilled in the art of facilitating strategic agreements that are mutually beneficial. “Senator Lieberman also assists corporate clients on tax, health care, security and intellectual property matters. In addition, he counsels clients on international expansion initiatives and business plans.” According to Quartz, the law firm represents Donald Trump, which may be a reason why the President believes he can trust Lieberman for the role as FBI director. Although Joe Lieberman’s net worth is not currently known, some sources have estimated his 2012 net worth to be about $1.9 million.