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Kim Kardashian went for a trip to Mexico with her sister and friends. In Mexico, she stayed at her friend Joe Francis’ Punta Mita home. Kardashian was a little worried after the Paris incident and called up Francis who comforted her and assured that the house was safe. Not only is Francis famous for being the Kardashian clan’s friend but Joe Francis’ net worth of $50.0 million also speaks for itself. If you want to know more about Joe Francis’ wiki, then keep reading.

Joe Francis’ Wiki

Born Joesph R. “Joe” Francis on April 1, 1973, which makes Joe Francis’ age to be 44. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia to Maria and Raymond Francis. At the age of seven, Francis along with his family moved to Newport Beach, California. Growing up, Francis also lived in Laguna Beach and attended Laguna Beach High School.

His first job was at a computer and video store. His further studies include attending the University of Southern California’s Business Administration Program. In 1995, Francis completed his graduation with a Bachelor’s degree from the USC Entrepreneurial program. Additionally, Francis took different courses in television and film.

Joe Francis’ Kids

Family fun on the merry-go-round with Athena, Alexandria & @iamabbeywilson

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Francis is in a relationship with Abbey Wilson. They have been dating for a long time now. However, once upon a time, their relationship was not so smooth sailing, as they featured on the reality TV series Couples Therapy to fix their relationship. Reportedly, Francis was very controlling and verbally abusive, and Wilson was also dealing with her own issues.

It looks like they have moved on from their insecurities and their relationship is strong. When Wilson was pregnant, she revealed, “I have always heard women say you just know when you are pregnant and I totally understand that now. Your body, smell, sensitivity, and cravings all change and mine did from day one.” Wilson further said that she confirmed her pregnancy through a blood test and called Joe immediately. They both were so excited that they were screaming over the phone! Abbey Wilson and Joe Francis’ kids are Athena Olivia Francis and Alexandria Claire Francis. They were born on October 7, 2014.

Joe Francis’ Net Worth

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Joe Francis’ net worth is estimated to be $50.0 million. Francis is known as the founder of Girls Gone Wild brand. The start to Francis’ career was when he worked as a production assistant for Real TV, that aired videos of events which were not reported in mainstream news. While working as a production assistant, he came up with the brilliant idea of Banned from Television.

While reviewing the footage to put on Banned from Television, Francis stumbled upon a lot of footage of female college students flashing their boobs at Mardi Gras and Spring Break. Looking at the footage, he thought of starting his business venture Girls Gone Wild. Their products were put for sale on their website as downloads, streaming videos, and even DVDs. A lot of times Francis has been charged with tax evasion, false imprisonment, bribery, and record-keeping violations.

Joe Francis’ Kidnapping Incident

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Reportedly, Francis had a horrible experience. Talking about it, he said, “A masked man walked in, put a gun to the back of my head.” “Probably about midnight. He says, ‘You’re home early.’ He walked in with a mask right out of that room [the kitchen], put me on the floor right there. [Then] he moved me upstairs. Everything was duct-taped. My mouth was duct-taped. My face was duct-taped, and he would un-duct-tape me to get bank codes and wire things out of my accounts. He put a dildo next to me, and he’s like, ‘Oh, I’m not gay, I’m not gay.’ And then he pulled my shorts a little bit.” Did the assailant force the dildo on him, as reported? “There was no sex stuff whatsoever — that was untrue.”