Street Outlaws is back with an all new season with Big Chief and JJ Da Boss. But this show is also about the ladies who race the streets, including JJ Da Boss’ wife. Find about JJ Da Boss’ wife, Tricia Day here.

Who is JJ Da Boss’ Wife?

Patricia “Tricia” Day is known within the Memphis racing circles as ‘Midget.’ There’s next to no information on Tricia but she’s a constant presence beside her husband. They’ve been married for years and have 11 kids and five grandchildren!

Jonathan Day often posts about his wife and kids on Instagram when he’s not posting about his races. A few months ago, he shared a picture of the latest addition to their family.

Tricia also lends a hand in fixing the shop and prepping cars for their races. Recently, JJ had an accident where both he and his precious Chevy, Ole Heavy, suffered damage. No sooner did he leave the hospital, leaving JJ and Tricia back in the shop fixing Ole Heavy.

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JJ is always one to do the unthinkable. But his notorious winning streak made many racers afraid of racing him. Determined to get a race, he got his wife, and teammate Precious Cooper in the car. He’d then rile up other racers saying that a girl would outdrive them. With his sound street marketing, he collected a lot of bets and made a lot of money out of Midget and Precious’ races.

Watch JJ Da Boss and Midget take the streets in Street Outlaws season 10 on Mondays at 9:00 p.m. EST on Discovery Channel.