L.A. Dodgers’ shortstop, Jimmy Rollins, is now the new face of Visa—or rather the new face on a Visa.

The MLB star shared an Instagram post to promote a new offer from the True Stars Fan Club—an online forum dedicated to bringing baseball fans together. The offer is for a pre-paid Visa debit card that features a picture of Jimmy Rollins in the background, personalized with the cardholder’s name. Rollins captioned the post, “That’s a handsome card but it’ll look even better in your wallet!”

He also shared the card on his Twitter feed, this time writing, “Some things just look better with my face on it, so what are you waiting for?”


Contrary to what it might look like, Rollins isn’t exactly doing a celebrity endorsement for Visa—he’s promoting a collectible keepsake for diehard baseball fans. The True Stars Fan Club offers branded prepaid Visa cards featuring the faces of today’s biggest MLB players, which fans can order and use wherever Visa cards are usually accepted.

According to the site, becoming a cardholder gives you unrestricted access to the site’s exclusive contests and games, and allows you to connect with other people who are big enough fans to buy into these celebrity mementos. The cards can also be reloaded so that you can keep using them.

Aside from Jimmy Rollins, other players featured include David Ortiz (Boston Red Sox), Adrian Gonzalez (L.A. Dodgers), Carlos Beltran (New York Yankees), Manny Machado (Baltimore Orioles), and Craig Kimbrel (San Diego Padres), among a few others.

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