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Jiani Navarro has been in Mobile, Alabama, for only two years, but the Golf Coast adores this young journalist. So naturally, they were saddened when she announced she wouldn’t be doing the newscasts at WALA-TV anymore. Jiani Navarro announced she is leaving FOX10 News in January 2023 for the next step of her career. Her regular viewers still want to keep up with her newscasts and therefore want to know where she is going next. Find out what Jiani Navarro said about her departure from WALA FOX10 News.

Jiani Navarro Wraps Last Day at FOX10

California native Jiani Navarro received a BA in Communication and Media Studies from California State University, Northridge. While in college, she anchored celebrity and entertainment news at 88.5 KCSN and was a social media coordinator at Dash Radio.

Navarro’s earliest TV job was in Casper, Wyoming. For less than a year, she produced and anchored the evening newscasts at KTWO.

She relocated to Lansing, Michigan, where she did the evening newscasts at WILX FOX47 for half a year. From there, the news anchor moved to Mobile, Alabama.

Navarro joined the team at WALA-TV FOX10 in January 2021, where she was an anchor and reporter on the weekend morning newscasts. But after two years, she is moving to the next chapter of her career. She announced on her official social media that she is leaving FOX10 News and Alabama for a new opportunity.

Jiani Navarro’s last day on the air at WALA-TV was on January 8. She expressed her love to the community that welcomed her before bidding goodbye to the Gulf Coast.

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The news anchor has hinted that she has another job lined up but hasn’t revealed details about it. She hasn’t stated where she is heading next and if she will remain in the broadcasting industry. So we’ll just have to keep an eye on Jiani Navarro’s social media for further news.