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The 2018 Winter Olympics is almost over but for Jessie Diggins, it’s just the beginning. Where is Jessie Diggins from? When did she win a gold medal? Get everything you need to know right here in our Jessie Diggins wiki!

Who Is Jessie Diggins?

Jessica Diggins, age 26, was born on August 26, 1991, and is a cross-country skier from Afton, Minnesota. Her parents are Debra and Clay Diggins, and her sister is named Mackenzie.

“Fun facts: I like raspberries and pickles. Separately, not together,” Jessie wrote on her website. “I love adrenaline-filled adventures like cliff jumping, bungee jumping and skydiving. Reading a lot of books on the road is fun and so is camping, canoeing, gardening, and creative projects.”

She added, “After moonlighting as a dancer, soccer player, violinist, swimmer, and track runner, I finally settled on Cross Country skiing as a full-time job. I really enjoy traveling and the experience of seeing new places and racing around the world. But most of all, what I love about skiing is the chance to push my body to the limit, to be training outside on beautiful trails, and the chance to find something new about myself with every race!”

She grew up cross-country skiing, joined the Minnesota Youth Club at four years old, and later competed as a varsity athlete at Stillwater High School. She became a local celebrity in her home state, with many cheering her on and getting up early to watch her races. (We wouldn’t be surprised if they named a day after her!)

She Won the Gold!

On Wednesday, Diggins won the gold medal in cross-country skiing and she couldn’t believe what she accomplished on the slopes.

“It feels unreal; I can’t believe it just happened,” Diggins told The New York Times, while in South Korea. “But we’ve been feeling so good these entire Games, and just having it happen at a team event means so much more to me than any individual medal ever would.”

“In the final stretch I was just thinking, Go, go, go, I’m giving it everything I had and I’ve got someone who I really love and care about waiting for me at the finishing line and I just want to make her proud,” Diggins added, referring to her Olympic team partner and friend, Kikkan Randall. They are the first American cross-country skiers to earn a medal at the Olympics since Bill Koch took home a silver in 1976! Needless to say, fans were going wild over her big win!

Jessie Diggins’ Instagram

Diggins became a world champion in 2013 and took to Instagram to write about the last time she and Kikkan Randall competed.

She wrote: “Every time you do something, it is for the last time. Even if you do it again, it will be different, and you will be different. This is the only time you will ever do this. Enjoy it.” – Pete Vordenberg. ‘The last time @kikkanimal and I team sprinted together was World Champs of 2013. Tomorrow, we get to go do it again for the first time…and the last time.'”

Many commented on her inspirational post about how inspiring she was and the congratulatory messages continue to flood in.

One  follower wrote, “We have two daughters that ski race and are always watching your races from Europe on youtube. Big inspiration for them [sic].”

Another follower wrote, “Truly inspiring. Couldn’t think of a team more deserving.”

She has certainly made her teammate and her country proud at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang as she revels in her big win.