Despite her family being in show business, Jessica Tarlov chose to pursue academics. She earned a Ph.D. in political science and is now a regular fixture on news channels like Fox. When Tarlov speaks, people listen —including President Donald Trump!

She has been nicknamed “Beauty with Brains” by fans and even critics. Jessica Tarlov, is a political consultant, strategist, and analyst who regularly appears on various TV networks, including Fox News. Tarlov is an influential presence in politics, with President Donald Trump tweeting that she is one of the few people on TV he listens to. Since Trump made this admission, ratings for Fox have gone through the roof! A lot of people love to hate Tarlov for her liberal views, though she insists that they hate her “in a fond way.” Here are some details from Jessica Tarlov’s wiki.

Avoiding the Limelight

Jessica Tarlov’s age is 33, and she has appeared regularly on Fox for almost two years now. In this time, her title has changed from “Democratic Strategist” to “Senior Director for Market Research for Bustle,” a news and lifestyle site. That has not toned down her views. Tarlov is as incisive and sharp as ever. She grew up surrounded by show business as her father, Mark Tarlov, was a director and producer while her mother, Judy Roberts, was a writer. Her younger sister Molly Tarlov is an actress, who is best known for being on the MTV series, Awkward. However, Jessica Tarlov never wanted to be in front of the camera saying, “My sister is the TV person in the family.”

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Pursuing Higher Learning

Tarlov chose academics to fulfill her aspirations. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts and history from Bryn Mawr College, and a masters in political science from the London School of Economics. To top it off, she earned a Ph.D. in political science and government. Armed with deep knowledge and high ambition, Tarlov started her career as a project manager at Merrill Lynch in 2007 and represented her company in conferences at Paris and Brussels discussing European Union directives. She also briefly worked as a graduate teaching assistant while at the London School of Economics.


An Exciting and Bright Career

Tarlov’s career took off when she became a political strategist at Douglas Schoen LLC in 2008. She was based in New York and has continues to work there. Apart from appearing as a liberal commentator on Fox, she also manages some of Douglas Schoen’s books and opinion editorials. Tarlov is a prolific writer, and her work has been published in prestigious publications like the NY Daily News and Forbes. She recently co-authored a book with Schoen called America in the Age of Trump where she wrote at length about America’s decline. In 2017, she became a Senior Director of Research & Consumer Insight at Bustle.

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A Respected Figure


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Fans want to know more about the political strategist and see Jessica Tarlov’s pics through her Instagram account. It does not look like Tarlov is active on Instagram, but she keeps her followers updated through Twitter. Much like her Instagram account, there are no details on whether or not Jessica Tarlov has a  boyfriend or husband. What we can confirm, is that Jessica Tarlov’s education and work experience have made her someone people connect to, and whose opinions they think highly of.


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