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Jessica Stroup, who shot to fame on the hit drama 90210, has a new gig as a series regular in Marvel’s Iron Fist series on Netflix, Variety reports. The 29-year-old will play the role of Joy Meachum, a childhood acquaintance of Danny Rand/Iron Fist, played by Finn Jones (Game of Thrones). She, along with her brother, Ward (played by Tom Pelphrey), is responsible for the success of Rand Industries

The Iron Fist cast also includes Joy’s father, Harold Meachum, played by Australian actor David Wenham (Lord of the Rings). Meachum is a ruthless corporate type who was also partners with Rand’s deceased parents. (He also has a hand in their deaths while on a trip and is in no way father of the year—or even of the month!)

Meachum’s children have worked hard to build Rand Industries into the powerhouse that it has become in the business world, but all their work risks being undone when Danny Rand returns after missing for years. (Sounds like he was more missing than missed since the Meachums didn’t mind keeping his seat warm.)


Marvel’s Iron Fist follows Danny Rand, a billionaire heir whose parents are killed and who returns to New York City after he’s been missing for years. While reclaiming his place at his family company, he fights crime and corruption with his kung fu skills as a masked vigilante, summoning the power of the Iron Fist.

Rand also receives help from his ally, Collen Wing (played by Jessica Henwick), who runs a New York City dojo. (It’s safe to assume she gets one or two awesome fight scenes, right?)

With previous successful Netflix series like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, it comes as no surprise to see Iron Fist added to the mix. The marvel Cinematic Universe has been taking over TV, movies, and computers. No one’s complaining, though, since these comic adaptations have done surprisingly well, managing to please most fans and critics.

Though we may not see Stroup kicking butt in any place that isn’t a board room, we can at least look forward to Jones’ fighting scenes. According to Entertainment Weekly, Jones has been training in kung fu, wushu, tai chi, meditation, and studying Buddhist philosophies in order to get a better sense of his character. (This makes sense since Rand’s physical prowess is derived from his intense martial arts training).

There’s currently no release date for Iron Fist on Netflix, but we can only assume that it’ll be nothing short of awesome.


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