Jessica Simpson and her father/manager, Joe Simpson, have been sued by a Hollywood executive, who is claiming $12 million dollars in commission from them over the successful sale of the singer’s fashion line.

TMZ reported that Jeffrey Bowler filed the lawsuit against Joe Simpson, claiming that the two had made a deal around ten years ago. He said that Joe promised him a 10% finder’s fee in case Bowler secured a purchaser for The Jessica Simpson Collection.

However, this agreement was made over the phone and never written down. Bowler stated that the 35-year-old pop singer sold majority stakes of her business in April for $120 million, but he was the one who put her father in touch with the buyer and also helped them close the deal.


Meanwhile, Jessica Simpson’s father has accused Bowler of attempting to extort $12 million from them by taking credit for the extravagant deal, reports the New York Daily News. Simpson is now countersuing for extortion.

The Simpson patriarch admitted to making the deal with Bowler. He also added that the sole seller that the executive brought to the table in 2009 didn’t sign a contract. Along with that, the Simpsons stated that Bowler played no part in the April deal when the licensing company Sequential paid $117 million for the Brand’s shares.

On the other hand, Bowler contends to be entitled to his cut, as one executive who was involved with the original buyer (the one Bowler initially brought to the table) had moved to Sequential and was involved in the negotiations that eventually culminated in the big sale.

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