Looks like Jon Lovitz can be scratched from the Jessica Lowndes dating timeline. The actress and musical performer has revealed that her supposed secret relationship and subsequent engagement to the Saturday Night Live alumnus—which made the news yesterday to a lot of surprise and confusion—was nothing but an elaborate prank.

The two met when they both guest starred on an episode of Hawaii Five-O, getting along well enough that Lowndes had Lovitz appear in the music video for her single “Deja Vu.” Deciding it would make a good publicity stunt and April Fools’ joke (albeit one that was a bit early), the two pretended to be in a serious relationship, with Lovitz as Lowndes’ “sugar daddy.”

So, if not Jon Lovitz then who is Jessica Lowndes dating now? Well, nobody, actually; after all, how would the above hoax work if everyone knew she was already in a relationship with someone else? Still, while currently single, it’s not as if she hasn’t seen her fair share of famous courtships, though her history has been free of the marriages, divorces, and affairs that are common to celebrity relationships. Here’s a look at Jessica Lowndes’ dating timeline.



In January, Lowndes begins seeing her 90210 costar, Adam Gregory, the two having developed feelings for each other while filming. Their relationship would make it 13 months before the pair quietly split in February, 2009, when their romance apparently cooled off.


In the spring, Jessica Lowndes began dating Aaron Paul. The relationship received a lot of media attention due to Paul’s success from playing Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. The celebrity couple would stay together for 10 months before breaking up in April, 2010; Paul would move on to another woman, Jacqueline Novak, a month later.


While never truly confirmed to be more than friend, Lowndes was believed to be seeing English rugby player Danny Cipriani. Assuming the fact that the dated is true, it clearly didn’t last very long, given she was single again by the end of the year and appeared to have gotten over it very quickly.


Olympic skier and former NFL player Jeremy Bloom was the next to catch Lowndes’ eye. The pair was first seen together in late May; however, their relationship only made it to March, 2013, before they called it quits. However, the good news is that the two split amicably, simply determining their relationship couldn’t work due to the distance: Lowndes was in California shooting 90210 while Bloom lived on the other side of the country in New York.


Jessica Lowndes’ most recent relationship came in February of 2013 when she began seeing Thom Evans, another rugby star and later a model. The pair would call it quits after eights months as Thom’s athletic career wasn’t the only thing he had in common with one of Lowndes’ previous suitors: he was also unable to make a long distance relationship work as she was still in California while he stuck to the U.K. for his modeling work.


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