Welcome to Donald Trump’s America! Don’t worry; the election hasn’t happened yet. In fact, the two parties still haven’t determined who is going to be running. But actor Jesse Williams has posted one version of what the result could be, and he thinks it’s pretty horrifying to say the least!

“Stephen King Presents: Trump’s America,” the Grey’s Anatomy star wrote on Twitter about a piece from his Tumblr account that he reposted. So what was so scary to him? It was a political rally, namely “The Official Donald Trump Jam,” held on January 13 in Pensacola, Florida. The video he included is his main point of interest, which can be either awesome or creepy, depending on your political slant.

The clip from the rally features three little girls, dressed in Stars-and-Stripes-inspired dresses, singing what may be the most patriotic song about America ever created. And with lyrics like, “President Donald Trump knows how to make America great/Deal from strength or get crushed every time,” and the words “U.S.A.” and “freedom” probably appearing at least 30 times each, it’s easy to see why Jesse Williams and anyone else not on Team Trump would find the whole thing a little unnerving.

Williams goes into more detail on his Tumblr page, writing, “Why does it look like there are several green screens in place? Is this real? Either way it is real. These are not serious people. This is serious, people.” and more. He also warns of a “death defying stunt” in the video, but that’s a joke. But if you’re unsure if he’s joking about the rest, just look at his hashtag of choice: “Bombs bursting in air, spreading freedom and liberty everywhere… #CantEvenCallItIronyAnymore.” Jesse Williams loves his country, but for him, crossing the thin line between patriotism and jingoism apparently isn’t what America’s freedoms are about.

So if you have some friends who are registered Democrats and you want to mess with them a little, perhaps point them towards Jesse Williams’ post. It may very well scare them more than anything Stephen King could possibly write! And in case you haven’t yet seen the video of Trump’s rally, here’s the full performance in all its glory:


Photo: Instagram/ijessewilliams

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