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Jerry Springer, the face of the shameless talk show that ran for over a decade, doesn’t look like he is aging at all! Before he started hosting the show, Springer was the Mayor of Cincinnati and a lawyer, and was already doing quite well for himself. You won’t believe your eyes when you read that Jerry Springer’s net worth is $75.0 million. Read on to know more about the TV star in our Jerry Springer wiki.

The great host, ex-mayor, and actor, Jerry Springer has been called the icon of tastelessness, but has never minded the name given to him. During the election, Springer was a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton, and took aim at Trump saying she belongs in the White House and Trump belongs on his show! Read on to know all about Jerry Springer’s wit, Jerry Springer’s net worth, The Jerry Springer Show tickets and more.

Jerry Before the Drama

If you are wondering how an ex-mayor could go from being politically correct to borderline insensitive, we’ve got all the details on Jerry Springer and his journey to the top. He was born on February 13, 1944, during World War II; he’s vintage! His mother actually delivered him in a metro station in the U.K., as it was being used as a shelter from German bombings at the time. In 1949, the Springer family immigrated to the USA and settled in Queens, New York, where Springer went to Forest Hills High School. In 1965, Springer graduated with a B.A. Degree from Tulane University and in 1968, he earned a J.D. Degree from Northwestern University.

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Governor Springer’s Mid-Night Mate

In 1973, Springer married Micki Velton, but could not stay loyal to her. Many allegations of sex scandals were implied on Springer when one such story was uncovered at a brothel in Fort Wright, Kentucky. A check signed by Springer was found pinned on a wall, which spelled a heap of trouble for the politician. He was starting to lose credibility and ultimately resigned in 1974 from the council, only to compete for mayor in 1979, and win. Springer’s honesty and candor about the scandal helped him sail through to the mayor’s desk, and he stayed there for one year. In 1982, when Jerry Springer was running for Governor of Ohio, he took the opportunity during a TV advertisement to come clean about hiring a prostitute. The ex-mayor is now 73-years-old and many are commenting that he doesn’t seem to age! He’s looked the same for so many years, women must be wondering what the heck his secret is!

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Jerry on the Silver Screen

Jerry Springer is not known for being a movie star, but the quirky host has definitely made a few appearances on the big screen in his career. Jerry Springer’s movies include Ringmaster, The 24 Hour Woman, Austin Powers: The Guy Who Shagged Me, and Sugar & Spice, but they were all made during the 90s with a few cold responses. Springer didn’t fare well in movies, but that didn’t stop him from doing more. He started The Jerry Springer Show, which was originally designed to be a talk show focused on politics and issues like homelessness and gun laws. However, the show was later revamped to produce higher ratings, gearing itself toward exploitative relationship showdowns, where spouses and/or family member are confronted on live TV to hash out their issues. These confrontations often included altercations between the guests resulting from subjects of adultery, dishonesty, prostitution, homosexuality, hate groups, and many others controversial topics. The test results were in, and the show became a monumental success. But did Jerry Springer sell his soul to become the face of one of the most popular (yet sleazy) talk shows in American history? Maybe. But the ex-politician is swimming in dollar bills now, so he can’t be too upset about it!

The Host Who Roasts

He debuted the controversial talk show in 1991, and people today still can’t get enough of it. The tabloid-style sensationalism of the show was almost too abrupt, with guests shouting and often physically attacking one another as the audience cheered. But Springer was seeing real success in the show, and he had all eyes on him the more scandalous the episodes got. He has been the torch bearer of the show since 1991, and has seen way more drama than any diva-Hollywood-soap-star could ever see! The show’s ratings increased so drastically, that by 1998, The Jerry Springer Show was beating out The Oprah Winfrey Show in many cities. Most of the episodes were surrounded by infidelity, prostitution, homosexuality, and adultery, and the more the guest fought on stage, the higher the ratings would go up. They even have a warning for parents telling them the show is not suitable for children! But, Springer and the producers must have been doing something right, because they are now well into their 26th season and people still love to watch these embarrassing showdowns take place!


Tickets to The Jerry Springer Show

Tickets to watch the most shameless TV show of all time live can be bought on The Jerry Springer Show website , if you’re into this sort of stuff. Tickets to the show are free, and there are even options to book tickets for a group if you’re looking to join the audience with a few of your friends! There are also specialty group tickets and packages for 20 people or more, which included free transportation to and from the show! If you bought the VIP group tickets, you might get to enjoy a free breakfast, transportation, and even a souvenir! Now that’s how you market your product! If you want to go a step further and celebrate a special event at the show, don’t you worry, there are The Jerry Springer Show tickets available for that, as well. Who wouldn’t like to cut their birthday cake on The Jerry Springer Show, right? Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are always welcome, too!

Jerry Springer’s Net Worth

Jerry Springer’s net worth has an estimated value of $45.0 million. Springer’s earnings can be credited to his appearances on various TV shows, including his own. The Jerry Springer Show alone earns $3,500,000.0 and counting. Springer has also been featured on various TV shows like America’s Got Talent and Dancing With The Stars, which has only added to his already brimming pot of gold!

Source of IncomeEarnings
The Jerry Springer Show$3,500,000.0
America’s Got Talent$2,800,000.0
Appearance on Dancing with the Stars$3,750,000.0
Total Net Worth$75,000,000.0