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Even though the famous series of his namesake ended nearly two decades ago, many fans around the world still enjoy the comedy of Jerry Seinfeld. These days, many fans still seek him out to determine what Jerry Seinfeld’s net worth is and how much acumen he’s gained since his ‘90s heyday.

The truth is astounding: ever since his TV series ended,Seinfeld has raked in over $820 million, and he has built up his large “Jerry Springfield Car Collection”—a vast collection of prized Porsche sports cars.

Even today, he still draws in more wealth from endorsements, royalties and guest appearances.

The Seinfeld Heyday

When Jerry Seinfeld’s eponymous TV series hit the airwaves back in 1989, many people couldn’t have predicted that it would amount to the heights that it did! A show about a group of friends lampooning their everyday activities in New York City didn’t seem very exciting on paper. Seinfeld himself admitted to the media that it was “a show about nothing,” but thanks to Seinfeld’s use of observational comedy, the contributions of actors Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, and Jason Alexander, and the added writing input of fellow comic Larry David, Seinfeld became the comedy series of the 1990s. Today, it sits with M*A*S*H and The Simpsons as the most loved sitcoms in TV history that became a long running hit.

 Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld

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How Much is Jerry Seinfeld Worth?

We know it’s hard to believe, but by the last season of his TV series, Jerry Seinfeld’s salary was reported to be $13 thousand per line spoken! It’s also reported that the network producing his show, NBC, offered him $5 million per episode if he renewed his contract. He refused. But it’s true and those huge numbers reflect just how successful Seinfeld became in less than a decade. Some TV viewers might remember when Jerry Seinfeld laughed and corrected TV talk show host Larry King that Seinfeld was never cancelled—it ended because he wanted it to!

Because of this, in 2016, Jerry Seinfeld was recognized as the richest actor in the world. Don’t think so? Check out the chart below to get an idea on how much Seinfeld has brought in since his show started production:

Net Worth (2016) $43 million
Microsoft Endorsements (2008) $10 million
Seinfeld fee per episode (1998) $1 million
Syndication earnings (since 1995) $3 billion

Beyond TV

If you search the list of “Jerry Seinfeld movies and TV shows” online, you’ll come up with a very short list of entries. He only appeared in a handful of feature films, notable 2007’s animated Bee Movie, and a few TV series including NewsRadio, The Larry Sanders Show, and 30 Rock, mostly in cameo or guest appearances. As seen on the chart above, there were a few Jerry Seinfeld endorsements, mostly notably with Microsoft where both he and Bill Gates appeared in comedic Microsoft commercials.

The Jerry Seinfeld Car Collection

Both his fans and car enthusiasts around the world know Jerry Seinfeld’s love of Porsche sports cars. The Jerry Seinfeld Car Collection consists of more than 45 prized automobiles and features many that are valued at over half a million dollars! He owns one of the first Porsches ever produced, a 1949 356/2 Gmund and interestingly enough, the 1998 993—the last Porsche to ever have air-conditioning. In early 2016, he auctioned off three Porsches from his collection at $10 million apiece!

 Jerry Seinfeld

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Background and Family Life

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Jerry Seinfeld was born in 1954 and grew up in Massapequa. At City College of New York, he earned a degree in communications and theater. His appearance on the Catch a Rising Star show led him to go into professional stand-up comedy and he gave performances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Late Night with David Letterman. Once it gained popularity in the early 90s, it only took four seasons of Seinfeld to make it the most popular sitcom on television, and it remained so until its end in 1998. Even after his show ended, Jerry Seinfeld continued to do stand-up routines and appear in film and documentaries, notably 2002’s Comedian. He’s also authored bestselling books such as Seinlanguage and the children’s fable Halloween, illustrated by James Bennett.

Today, Jerry Seinfeld, his wife Jessica, and their kids Sascha, Julien and Shepherd live in Long Island, NY in a $32 million home, previously owned by singer-songwriter, Billy Joel. One interesting fact is that Jerry Seinfeld’s wife, Jessica is the founder of Baby Buggy, a New York City-based charitable organization that provides essential items for families in need throughout New York City. Earlier this year, the eldest of Jerry Seinfeld’s kids, Sascha, got her drivers license and her dad was very excited as he got to teach her how to drive stick! Maybe Jerry won’t be the only Seinfeld with a passion for cars!