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About Jennifer Kitna
Known AsJennifer Diane Durrow
Age52 Years
BirthAugust 17, 1971
SpouseJon Kitna August 1994 - Present
ChildrenJamison Kitna, Jada Kitna, Jalen Kitna, Jordan Kitna
SiblingsTimm Ready
ParentsCharles “Chuck” Durrow
HometownPortland, Oregon

Jennifer Kitna is the driving force behind one particular football-crazy family. The wife of former NFL quarterback Jon Kitna has been his support through the ups and downs of his playing and coaching career. She’s not only raised children who are well on the path to successful football careers, but Jennifer is also a mother figure to the young players Jon coaches. Our Jennifer Kitna wiki turns the spotlight on this woman who is raising some talented athletes.

Jennifer Kitna Has Roots in Africa

Jennifer Diane Durrow was born on August 17, 1971 to Charles “Chuck” Durrow and his wife. Chuck Durrow served in the U.S. Air Force and was stationed in many cities. That is how Jennifer and her brother, Timm Ready, ended up moving to Portland, Oregon, where they grew up with both their parents.

Chuck passed away in 1998, leaving behind his children, his mother, Rosemary Durrow, and his sister, Loretta. Rosemary had moved to Portland with Chuck and his siblings for better job prospects. She raised them as a single mother after her divorce.

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An antique collector, Rosemary had a keen interest in her ancestry and family roots. The Texas-born nurse was the great-granddaughter of ancestors born into slavery who fought for their freedom and civil rights.

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Through a DNA kit, Rosemary discovered she had roots in the Tikar Tribe of Cameroon in Africa. She attributed her love for sweet potatoes to her Tikar DNA, as it’s the tribe’s staple food.

The grandmother of Timm and Jennifer, or Jeni as the family calls her, passed away in 2013.

Jennifer’s brother Timm works as a realtor in Portland, having lived there all his life.

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Jennifer & Jon Kitna Are College Sweethearts

Washington native Jon Kitna played in the Division II program at Central Washington University, where he majored in math education. It was at university that he met Jennifer Durrow.

When they were dating, Kitna and Durrow dreamed of becoming teachers in a high school after graduating college. However, Kitna would end up playing pro football in the NFL.

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While they look like #RelationshipGoals now, it wasn’t always like that. Kitna was quite the bad boy stereotype in college. He admitted that he was constantly drinking, brawling, shoplifting, cussing, and cheating on Durrow with other women.

When Durrow finally caught him with another woman in October 1993, Kitna was forced to reevaluate his life. Church and his faith got him on the right track and restored his relationship with his future wife.

Ten months after she caught him cheating, Kitna and Durrow tied the knot on August 13, 1994 in Washington. They had acquired their marriage license in Pierce County on July 25.

The Kitnas’ relationship has been stronger than ever. As Jon’s NFL and coaching career took him everywhere, Jeni supported him through it. They are also active as a unit in their church community and philanthropy.

A teacher by qualification, Jeni actively provides side support to the young football players Jon coaches.

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The Kitnas Are Raising Six Children

Jeni and Jon Kitna have four biological kids: Jordan, Jalen, Jada, and Jamison. The couple also became legal guardians to Jon’s teenaged cousins, Chris and Casey Kjos, more than a decade ago, so they could save up enough and have a better chance at attending the University of Washington.

Chris and Casey were able to get their lives on track with support from Jon and Jeni. They helped around the house, worked part-time, and played football in high school.

Jordan Kitna currently plays quarterback for Colorado State University-Pueblo. Jalen Kitna has committed to play for the University of Florida Gators when he goes there in 2021. Jada Kitna is a student at Arizona State University, where she has a role within the ASU football staff. And Jamison Kitna played for his high school football team.

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