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Successful gold miner Fred Hurt, also known as Dakota Fred, captivated viewers on Discovery’s Gold Rush and Gold Rush: White Water. And now, the veteran reality star has been diagnosed with brain cancer. Naturally, his fans and family are worried for him. Fred Hurt’s wife, Jennifer Hurt, is standing by him and giving him all the encouragement she can right now. She gives his supporters regular updates on his condition on social media. So, read on to learn more about Fred Hurt’s wife in this Jennifer Hurt wiki.

About Jennifer Hurt
Age55 Years
BirthJune 4, 1969 California
SpouseFred Hurt (2016-present)
ChildrenJeremy, Kayla, Zackary, Eli
JobCamp cook
AlumniLos Medanos College
Works ForRaw TV

Jennifer Hurt’s Family

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Jennifer Hurt was born on June 4, 1969, and hails from Martinez, California. She also lived in Contra Costa County and Southern Oregon while married to her first husband, Carl Gene Sheets. However, he passed away in 2014 after battling a long illness at home.

According to her Facebook profile, she resides with her now-husband Fred Hurt in Glendale, Oregon.

After her first marriage, Jennifer Hurt changed her maiden name from Jennifer Harris to Jennifer Sheets.

Jennifer Hurt’s Education and Career

Dakota Fred’s wife went to Patchin’s Elementary School. She studied at Los Medanos College in California to be trained as an emergency medical technician and paramedic.

Initially, Jennifer Hurt was a medical professional. And according to her Facebook bio, she has worked as a camp cook at Raw TV since May 2018.

Raw TV is the production company for Gold Rush: White Water. Hurt cooks food for the crew of the show, including her now-husband, Dakota Fred.

Jennifer Hurt and Fred Hurt’s Relationship and Kids

Jennifer Hurt’s Facebook profile states that she’s been in a relationship with Fred Hurt since July 21, 2015. Dakota Fred was previously married to Lorrayne Frances Leier, who passed away from an illness in 2015.

The reality star was also reportedly married to another woman before Leier. And if the rumors are true, Dakota Fred was dating Jennifer long before his bedridden wife passed away.

Jennifer and Fred Hurt married on July 30, 2016. There is a significant age gap between them—Jennifer is 54, and Fred is 80.

Dakota Fred’s wife has four kids from her previous marriage—Jeremy, Kayla, Zackary, and Eli. Meanwhile, the gold miner has four kids from his previous marriages.

His son, Dustin Hurt, has appeared in numerous seasons of Gold Rush, while the identity of his other son is unknown. Darla Matlock, the miner’s oldest daughter, lives in Texas and works in real estate. His youngest daughter, Shannon Hurt Rodrigue, also resides in Texas with her husband, Gary Rodrigue.

Gold Rush viewers are also familiar with Jennifer’s kids, Kayla and Zackary, as they have appeared on the show. Kayla is married to a cast member of Gold Rush: White Water, Paul Richardson. The couple left the show following a brawl with Kayla’s step-brother, Dustin.