Jenni Maurer West and Leslie West of Mountain get married onstage during Heros of Woodstock Tour. (Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage)

About Jenni West
Known AsJenni Phelps
SpouseLeslie West 15th Aug 2009 - 23rd Dec 2020
SiblingsJulie Risen, Nathan Phelps
ParentsGypsy T. Phelps, Robbin Jones Phelps (stepmother)
OwnsPizzaWest Merch
AlumniMainland Regional High School in Linwood, New Jersey, University of Tennessee – Knoxville
Works ForBig Rack Productions (songwriter and road manager), CEO of JennWest Publishing, Intermedia Post Studios (as associate producer)
Worked forWLIK radio as a DJ
Burn Advocates Network

Rock band Mountain’s frontman, Leslie West, passed away on December 23, 2020. He was 75. West is survived by his wife, Jenni West, among other family and friends. Jenni and Leslie West had a very public wedding over a decade ago at Woodstock, where Mountain performed often. During their relationship, Jenni supported Leslie through his career until his death. There’s been a curiosity about Leslie West’s wife ever since they married. We reveal who Jenni West is here.

Jenni West’s Family

Born Jenni Phelps, she celebrates her birthday in June. She is the daughter of Gypsy T. Phelps, who resides in Texas with his wife, Robbin Jones Phelps, Jenni’s stepmother.

Jenni has a brother, Nathan Phelps, and a sister, Julie Risen. The siblings are from Florida, but Jenni also lived in New Jersey.

She attended Mainland Regional High School in Linwood, New Jersey. She currently resides in Englewood.

Jenni West’s Career

The erstwhile Jenni Phelps graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 1992 with a degree in business management. While in college, she was a DJ at WLIK radio and continued until there until 1993.

West’s LinkedIn doesn’t mention her work history between 1993 and 2009. Her profile notes that in 2009, she was the operations director for the Burn Advocates Network and an executive assistant at Interchem Corporation.

She eventually left both jobs and focused on managing her husband Leslie West’s career. She is credited as a songwriter and road manager at Big Rack Productions, Leslie’s label.

Her other titles include associate producer at Intermedia Post Studios, CEO of JennWest Publishing, and Owner of PizzaWest Merch.

Jenni West’s Children

Jenni West was previously married and was known as Jenni Maurer. She has three children from her previous relationship.

Her daughters, Tatiana and Jypsie, and son Sam are adults. From the looks of their social media posts, they were fond of Leslie West.

Jenni Maurer and Leslie West married on August 15, 2009 at a Heroes of Woodstock concert in New York. Their not-so-conventional venue was the stage, with more than 15,000 people in the audience looking on.

Leslie West’s real name was Leslie Weinstein, and Jenni had taken on both of his names, occasionally referring to herself as Jennifer West-Weinstein.

They didn’t have any children together. Leslie West passed away on December 23. He is survived by wife Jenni West and his brother, Larry West.