Photo: Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Live Love Spa

Body shaming, the act of making someone feel bad about their body’s size and shape, is an issue that really came to the forefront of public awareness in 2015. And with the internet being such a prevalent part of our lives, the act has become even easier through online anonymity. But recently, Jennette McCurdy took to social media to show just why body shaming is absurd, with an equally absurd image!

The iCarly and Sam & Cat star took to Instagram, but apparently only after firing up Photoshop. That’s because the image shows McCurdy’s body in an incredibly unnatural state: with a waist far too thin to hold up her upper body! The way her body bends and the way her arms are all gangly are reminiscent of a fun house mirror.

In the accompanying post, Jennette McCurdy explains that the photo is meant to comment on the use of image-improving apps. She writes, “Hey guys – can we stop using facetune and other flaw-correcting apps to extremes? Instead of camouflaging our flaws and feeling ashamed, let’s embrace our strengths and feel empowered.” She also encourages her fans to leave a comment listing three things they loved about themselves.

Jennette McCurdy Apps

And comment they did; the post, in addition to its over 73,000 likes, received almost 2,000 comments! Those who answered the call-to-action said they loved things like their eyes, their mouth/lips, and, in one case, “something that is more down, but I will not be vulgar.” Others looked beyond the physical, citing personal traits such as “I am naturally good at sports,” “Im comfortable in my own skin [sic],” and “I am a very creative person.”

And of course, fans were quick to point out things they loved about Jennette McCurdy, namely that she cared enough about others to spread such a positive message. Certainly nothing shameful about that!

Photo: Instagram/jennettemccurdy