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The finale of The Secret World of Jeffree Star aired yesterday and got the same feeling everybody does when a season of Game of Thrones is over. The last episode was an eye-opener for many because the social media sensation revealed some personal things that he had never openly discussed before, including why Jeffree Star cut himself.

We all know Jeffree Star for being a famous makeup mogul on YouTube, who also has a hugely successful makeup business. Hands down, he is one of the most amazing makeup artists in the industry and due to his online persona and skills, the world has taken notice.

Star is the perfect example of how one can overcome failure and adversity and become wildly successful. Everybody knows that Star holds nothing back and doesn’t shy away from calling people out on their b******t.

The Secret World of Jeffree Star, started by YouTuber Shane Dawson, gave us all a peak at Star’s life. In the finale, Star disclosed a very dark secret about himself.

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Jeffree Star’s Self-Harm Tendencies in the Past

When Dawson and Star visited Star’s old apartment, they both sat and discussed Star’s emotional past. In case you haven’t noticed, the makeup artist has covered his entire body with tattoos.

Initially, everyone thought that it must be because of his fascination with tattoos. However, there is more of a painful truth behind all the ink.

Star explains that he spent his high school years wearing full sweaters and pants, even in 90-degree weather. But none of his classmates ever bothered to ask him why.

The reason he was always fully clothed when he was young is because he was cutting his entire body with X-Acto knives, razors, and even butcher knives. Later, when he overcame that dark period in his life, he decided to tattoo his whole body to cover the scars.

He also has scars on his wrist and covered them with a tattoo of a young Jeffree Star a.k.a. Jeffrey Lynn Steininger. Star further adds that his whole body is covered in scars because back then, he didn’t know how to express his feelings.

When you see a bitch acting shady…. ? Sometimes I miss having short hair, then I remember how long it takes to grow your hair out and I keep it moving ??

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Star says he never talks about it and prefers to hide the fact that he would use self-mutilation to cope. Star explains that he is not ashamed of it and hasn’t done it actively in 10 years. It was a coping mechanism for him because he didn’t feel any emotions.

He never wore short sleeves, and nobody asked him the reason. One day, when he was doing the dishes, Star’s mother saw the scars on her son’s arm and was worried about him.

A lot of his scars are now faded, but some were so deep that they went into his muscle and bones. And in the video, he removes his pants and shows that there are around 5,000 scars on his legs.

Whenever he Snapchats or does videos of makeup swatches, Star covers the scars with bracelets so its not visible to the viewers.

Star is scared to talk about cutting himself because he doesn’t want people to use it against him. He does not want anybody to judge or make fun of him.

It takes a lot of courage and strength to open up about a painful past and let fans know what he went through. However, Star is definitely an inspiration to those who are going through a tough period.

In the video, Dawson reminds Star that although Star had a rough childhood, he has come extremely far in life.

In case you haven’t watched the final part of The Secret World of Jeffree Star, then check out the emotional video below. Feel free to give your opinion on it in the comments section below.

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