Nathan Schwandt's partner Jeffree Star (Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images)

Have you heard about Jeffree Star’s boyfriend? There’s drama between YouTube star Manny MUA and the beauty blogger and it involves Star’s boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt’s nudes! What was the beef about? Keep reading to find out!

There has been talk about Nathan Schwandt’s leaked photos online and people are wondering if there’s drama involved with Star’s old friend and collaborator. Are the surfaced leaks really Star’s boyfriend? Keep reading as we’ve got the scoop!

Was Nathan Schwandt Exposed?

A few days ago, the makeup moguls had a bit of back and forth on social media, and unlike their makeup tips, it wasn’t pretty! Manny seemingly threw some shade at his collaborator friend, Star, when he claimed to have come across Nathan Schwandt’s nude Tumblr pics.


Manny tweeted about seeing an “old friend’s nudes” to which Star, 32, replied, “Isn’t life a drag? Never a dull moment on the internet! He says hi![sic]”

According to fans, Schwandt’s naked pics from his Snapchat account made their way to Tumblr!

Fans were a bit surprised by Star’s shady comments, especially since it leaked the name of Manny’s new palette line. When Star tweeted “Life’s a Drag”, he may not have been talking about himself…

According to Perez Hilton, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, “Life’s A Drag” is actually a palette trademarked by Lunar Beauty, Inc. Both the tweets have been deleted by the beauty bloggers but it seems that they might be fighting—and Schwandt has been caught in the middle!

So, Where Are the Leaked Pics?

Where are Nathan Schwandt’s dick pics? It’s not the first time a celebrity’s junk has been plastered all over the media—remember Orlando Bloom’s nude pics? Fans have been looking for the Tumblr/Snapchat pics, but they’re harder to find than you think!


Leaks like this are nothing new and it won’t be the last one we see. It seems the leaked photos have been taken down quicker than the tweets, but as we all know with the Internet, nothing stays buried forever. Neither of these bloggers have spoken any further on the subject, so it appears to be business as usual, including for Schwandt.


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