Jeb Bush just tweeted a picture from his Iowa field office and while it was probably intended to motivate voters and push his presidential campaign, it really just ended up becoming the butt of jokes.

The picture was simply of a to-do list written on the corner of a blank white board. But there was only one task listed: “Win.” The post resulted in a slew of snarky comments, most of which made fun of the image or called out the politician on his lack of productivity. As one follower wrote, “I feel like this sort of detailed planning is why Jeb isn’t winning currently,” and another who said, “Marco Rubio just fired his entire staff for not thinking of this first.”

Others posted Photoshopped versions of Bush’s so-called to-do list, adding their own points, and some even created memes of their own, like one user who posted a screenshot of a scene from the comedy The Office and captioned it, “Brainstorming session at @JebBush’s Iowa field office.”



It probably isn’t the kind of publicity Jeb Bush was hoping for with the tweet, but if nothing else, at least it’s got people dropping his name.

After sinking poll results and a poor GOP debate performance, Bush recently rolled out a brand new campaign slogan—“Jeb can fix it”—but it doesn’t seem to be working very well with voters. A new McClatchy-Marist poll puts Bush in fourth place, but what’s really interesting is what respondents said when they were asked, regardless of who they’re supporting, whether they like Jeb Bush more or less after hearing more about him. Only a third (32%) said they felt more encouraged by Bush after hearing more about him, compared to more than half (58%) who admitted to liking him less after hearing more about him.

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