Politicians are used to handling tough questions from a lot of sources, including members of the opposing party, the media, and their constituents. So you’ll have to forgive Jeb Bush if he was taken aback by the latest person to put him in the hot seat—a fifth grader!

While on the campaign trail in his bid to become the 2016 Republican presidential candidate, the former governor of Florida found himself in New Hampshire, where he fielded a question from the child. And because it was such a good questions from such an unlikely source (as well as good P.R.), Bush recorded the exchange and posted it to both Twitter and YouTube.

There with (presumably) his mother, the boy, named Cameron, asked, “Do you, um, any, um, plans you want to have accomplished by your first term?” Showing an amazing amount of foresight for a child his age, the boy quickly followed up by asking Bush to keep it to his “top three.”


Jeb Bush was quick and efficient with his answer.  First, he said he wants to accomplish creating “a much more secure world,” which would be achieved by rebuilding the military and being more engaged with the rest of the world. Second, Bush hopes to accomplish having both parties come to a major agreement, “because our democracy doesn’t work by jamming everything down the other team’s throat.” Lastly, Bush wants to at least begin heading towards a balanced budget, specifically stating that the current path will leave Cameron’s generation with “a mess that we will not be able to get out of.”

The video concludes with Jeb Bush asking for the child’s name and grade and telling him, “You’re pretty smart, looks like to me.” Perhaps young Cameron will be inspired by this encounter to run for office himself someday!


Image Source: Flickr

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